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    Generations of

Joseph & Mary

Nathan and Solomon were brothers; both of them among the twenty sons of King David. Nathan's generations eventually arrived at Joseph (husband of Mary), and Solomon's generations arrived at the line of Mary. Seen side-by-side brings an awareness of the varying duration of a generation, often thought of as forty years because of the Old Testament record of the generation which had to wander in the wilderness for forty years "until that generation perished".

Earlier, God had told Abraham that his seed would sojourn in Egypt for 400 years and would come forth in the fourth generation--seemingly calling for a generation of a hundred years. Gen15:16

The sixty-five (65) generations from Adam to Mary are a contrasting parallel to the seventy-four (74) generations (threescore and fourteen) from Adam to Mary's husband. Matthew chapter one and Luke chapter three refer. An earlier precept is seen when comparing the seven generations of Cain to the seven generations in Noah's line, but when all is said an done we must recognize that parents and their children constitute two (2) generations, and that applies whether its a father or mother of either a son or daughter.

Expect the Unexpected!

Who woulda thunk it? The two father/son pairs of Salathiel/Zerubbabel are notable, as well as the repetitive names in the Nathan generations. Two each of the names of Levi, Juda, Matthat, Melchi, Mattathias -- and four (4) Joseph's!

The pedigree of Jesus includes the "House of David", a father to son dynasty which led the way past the Babylonian Exile to the Blessed Virgin whose father was named Joseph!

The foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men". 1Cor1:25

PRIEST LINE to Mary's husband per Luke3

Reversed to show correlation.
#33. - DAVID
#34 - Nathan
#35 - Mattatha - Luke3:31
#36 - Menan
#37 - Melea
#38 - Eliakim
#39 - Jonan
#40 - JOSEPH
#41 - Juda
#42 - Simeon
#43 - Levi
#44 - Matthat
#45 - Jorim
#46 - Eliezer
#47 - Jose
#48 - Err
#49 - Elmodam
#50 - Cosam - Luke3:28
#51 - Addi
#52 - Melchi
#53 - Neri
#54 -Salathiel
#55 -   Zerubbabel
#56 - Rhesa
#57 -Joanna - Luke3:27
#58 - Juda
#59 - JOSEPH
#60 - Semei
#61 - Mattathias
#62 - Maath
#63 - Nagge
#64 - Esli
#65 - Naum
#66 - Amos - Luke3:25
#67 - Mattathias
#69 - Janna
#70 - Melchi
#71 - Levi
#72 - Matthat
#73 - Heli (father of Joseph)
#74 -JOSEPH(husband of Mary)

**The Old Testament spelling is Zerubbabel, and a 3rd Zerubbabel is found in 1Chr3:19. See also Zech4.

  This is the 'Joseph' line (note the four Josephs, and other 'repeats') -- the other line leads to Jesus w no repeat names!

The count is 76 if Mary and Jesus were added..

KING LINE to Mary and Jesus per Matt1

#33. - DAVID
#34. - Solomon - Matt 1:7
#35. - Rehoboam
#36. - Abijam
#37. - Asa
#38. - Jehoshaphat - Matt 1:8
#39. - Jehoram
#40. - Ahaziah - 1Chr21:17
#41. - Joash - 2Chr24:1
#42. - Amaziah - 2Chr24:27
#43. - Uzziah - 2Chr26:1 - aka Azariah
#44. - Jotham
#45. - Ahaz
#46. - Hezekiah - Matt 1:9
#47. - Manasseh
#48. - Amon
#49. - Josiah
#50. - Jehoiakim - 1Chr3:15
#51. - Jeconiah (Coniah) - 2K24:6

#52. - Assir - 1Chr3:17
#53. - Salathiel aka Shealtiel
#54. -   Zorobabel - Ezra 3:2, 5:2
#55. - Abiud
#56. - Eliakim - Matt 1:13
#57. - Azor
#58. - Sadoc
#59. - Achim
#60. - Eliud - Matt 1:15
#61. - Eleazar
#62. - Matthan
#63. - Jacob II
#64. - Joseph (Mary's father)
#65. - Mary
#66. - JESUS

These names are in the O.T., but not found in Matt chapt. one. A couple, man/wife, only count as one generation!

We see that every name in the line of Christ is unique and different EXCEPT for the name of Jacob. That includes the 32 names prior to David.

The name 'Joanna', like that of 'Noah', is used for both male and female !

Luke's Gospel accentuates a 'Priestly Line' by opening with Zacharias and Elisabeth; and this contrasts with the 'Kingly Line' of Matthew.

Note the three (3) Joseph's in the ancestry of Mary's husband; keeping in mind how the name means "the Lord will add a son", and the fact that the Joseph in Egypt was NOT in the pedigree of Christ. Nor was the Joseph, son of Asaph, 1Chr25:1, or the Joseph, son of Bani, Ezra10:41, or the father of Igal (Num13:7), or the Joseph of Shebaniah (Neh 12:14). These last four, plus the three from the Luke genealogy, are mostly unknown or overlooked on account of lack of info other than kin.
So it appears, counting the Joseph of Arimathaea, there are~ten(10) persons named Joseph, in the Bible. Remembering how the Joseph with the coat of many colors was the eleventh son of Jacob, it's at least curious how the father of Mary is not otherwise mentioned in scripture and how he MAY actually be a secret "Joseph", #11, that hasn't been counted!

As noted previously many Bible personages have two or more names and the Salathiel in the line of Christ (son of Assir) is also known as Shealtiel. Ezra5:2, 1Chr3:17. A father-son pair of Salathiel/Zerubbabel are found in both lines and are NOT the same individuals.

The OT uses (3x10)+3 to arrive at David#33 from Adam. Ruth4:18. From there we see nineteen (19) in the David Dynasty to get us to Assir#52 [whole deck of cards, or English double-acrostic, hah] and then fourteen (14) is from the 3x14 of Matthew. Either way; 19+14=33 and (3x10)+3=33 gives us the 66 count to Jesus.

    Jehoiachin, son of Jehoiakim, is also known as Jeconiah and as Coniah. 2Chr36:9, 2K24:8, Jer22:24. Maybe I haven't focused on the particular name you're more familiar with, or spelled it exactly like your version.

    The Scofield Bible, because of Jer22:30, teaches how Christ's line must have come through Nathan instead of Solomon; and seems to deny the son 'Assir' of Jeconiah listed in 1Chr3:17 (translating that name as 'captive').   According to 1Chr22:9 and 1Chr28:5, the pedigree of Christ (our King of Kings) definitely proceeds through Solomon.

The following verse seems to set forth Nathan separate from the House of David -- "The land shall mourn, every family apart; the family of the house of David apart, and their wives apart; the family of the house of Nathan apart, and their wives apart", Zech12:12

The Dake's Annotated Bible and The Companion Bible (E.W.Bullinger) both deal extensively with the generations, as do others, and rarely do they agree in all respects, so "let the buyer beware" -- and keep in mind we're following the father/son line that leads finally to father to daughter to Jesus.   Isn't this terrific?

I keep hearing that "women are not included in the genealogies", but 4 of them, plus Mary, are in the MatthewOne account. Granted, it's through the husband that the NAME is handed down, and "...Old things are passed away -- all things are become new". As long as there are males to accomplish the pedigree, there's no problem, but what's the logical alternative when GOD is the father?? And, after all, those males were all born of women. So the generation of the parents of Jesus is represented by the blessed virgin.

The "Sons of Keturah" (she's Abraham's concubine/wife) 1Chr1:32, Gen25:1. We often hear of the conflict between Hagar/Sarah, but rarely about this second wife of Abraham's who gave him six sons. FINALLY Sarah gave birth, after being barren for so long; but it was Keturah who was the "fruitful" one!

FINALLY it was time for Calvary and for the first husband to die, but NOW we're espoused as a chaste virgin to Christ and are become "fruitful"! Gal 5:22.

The Greek New Testament (I use Strong's Interlinear) doesn't use any gender clauses in Luke3 which would define Joanna as male or female. Simply "Joanna of Rhesa, Juda of Joanna, Joseph of Juda" etc., right down the line.

The name Urias appears in the Mt1 genealogy, but he's NOT in the line of Christ -- instead, it's his wife! And both of the twins of Judah are named, but Zerah's line perished in the fire after Jericho. So you can't just count all the names...

The names in these two parallel generations look similar, but only the names of Enoch and Lamech are exactly the same. The study shows how the first Lamech was probably contemporary with the second Enoch (the one whose life was "cut short" at only 365 years).

This is why I'm persuaded that Lamech killed Enoch as a scriptural precursor to illustrate "absent from the body is to be present with the Lord".


[The old saw about the blacksmith and doubling the 1 cent cost of each succeeding nail.]
Numbers and the power of ten and the fact that we have two parents for each generation are all part of this interesting subject. Do you know where all your ancestors came from?

Roughly speaking, you can add three zero's (103) for every ten generations, i.e. one thousand for the first ten generations, and one million for the next ten generations. Going back thirty generations seems that it took about a billion people just to make YOU !


YOU had two parents, and each of them had two parents, and each of them had two parents, and each of them had two parents, etc. so when we do the numbers we learn that in just ten generations over a thousand persons were involved in producing YOU!

1. - 2
2. - 4
3. - 8
4. - 16
5. - 32
6. - 64
7. - 128
8. - 256
9. - 512
10. - 1,024

Calling All SMITH's! -- to Work the WORD..

metalsmith - Jer10:9 NKJV
goldsmith - Isa40:19
silversmith - Acts19:24
coppersmith - 2Tim4:14
blacksmith - 1Sam13:19 NKJV

Ps19:8 "The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes. 19:9 The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. 19:10 More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb".

Looking for nuggets, and we usually have to DIG for it, doncha know? You think?

  Where did Melchizedek / Melchisedec come from?? Nobody knows, of course, (not for sure anyway), but maybe from Joktan, Gen10:25, one of the two sons of Eber. The line of Christ came thru his brother Peleg, Gen 11:16 and 1Chr1:19, but no further conclusive mention is found of Joktan or his thirteen (13) sons.

"Without father, without mother, without descent" [pedigree]...Heb7:3. So did he just materialize out of thin air? Did he really have a congregation somewhere? Or is the Old Testament TEACHING concerning that Jesus really was with the Father In The Beginning ! You decide.



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