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Noah was the tenth generation (father-to-son), and the first father to have NO daughters! Instead, we are presented with the quest of learning which of his three sons will lead on to Abraham, to David, and to Jesus.

How many generations from Adam to Jesus? The answer begins in Genesis chapter five where the first ten generations are found, ending with Noah#10 who was "perfect in his generations", Gen6:9.

The next ten generation list is found in 1Chr1:24, beginning with son Shem and ending with Abram#20. The 3rd list of ten generations is at the conclusion of the Book of Ruth, where we find that three generations have been 'skipped'   (Isaac, Jacob, Judah), meaning Boaz was generation #30 and David was #33. This "precept" from the O.T. leads on to a conclusion of Jesus being generation #66.
Yes, just like the Books in the Bible, because Jesus really is the Word, the Son, the Seed, etc.

Of Noah's 3 sons, it's Shem who leads the way to Abraham, and of Judah's 5 sons, it's Pharez who leads the way to David. From David's 20 sons we must learn which one leads to Jesus.

Whenever a father has more than one son, it may take some searching to discover which one leads to Jesus; and in modern times it's the son who carries on the family name, but daughters may choose to exchange their family name for the New Name of their husband.

When the five 'skipped' generations are added to the middle column of fourteen in Matthew chapter one it balances the 19 names prior to Abraham.

"One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever". Ecc1:4

The first question people usually ask: "How long is a generation?" They're looking for a specific number, but there is no specific number; it's no different from the 4-generation pic of our own families, where a specific 'age' is not a factor. Some think a generation was forty years because of how the Israeli generation wandered in the wilderness for that period, Numb14:33, and some point to how the Israeli's were to spend four hundred years in Egypt before exiting in the fourth generation, Gen15:16. However, from Grandpa or Grandma to Grandson or Granddaughter is still four generations--it isn't age nor gender conditional.

  Granddad / Dad / Daughter / Grandson - cp to:  Jacob/Joseph/Mary/Jesus.

"But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law.." Gal 4:4.

Finally! It was father-to-son from generation to generation, until finally it was father-to-daughter! Matthew's gospel finally completes the red thread of generations that connects Adam to Jesus! It only took about four thousand years--four millenniums which is forty centuries..

The Family of Adam & Eve - Generation #1

2. Cain 2. Abel 2. Seth Other sons, daughters
3. Enoch#1 3. Enos Gen5:4
4. Irad 4. Cainan
5. Mehujael 5. Mahalaleel
6. Methusael 6. Jared
7. Lamech#1 7. Enoch#2
8. Methuselah
9. Lamech#2
10. Noah

Adam - Seth - Enos - Cainan - Mahalaleel - Jared - Enoch - Methuselah - Lamech - Noah.

"Noah was a just man and PERFECT(?) in his generations..." Gen6:9. - His was the tenth, so this a clue to the three groups of ten generations leading to David, as well as a precept for the three columns of fourteen in Matthew 1.

We know we're counting these first ten generations correctly because it agrees with verse 14 of Jude (calling Enoch the 7th from Adam), as well as Genesis 5 and 1Chronicles.

Observe that when 'a thousand years are as one day', Adam dies on 'Day One' -- 70 years short of making it to the second millennium.

Before Enoch was "taken", the first nine of those patriarchs could have set down for lunch together, or a 9gen photo op. Lamech died 5 years before the Flood, and Methuselah died the very year of the flood, whether by drowning or natural causes; we aren't told. It's interesting to note how the USA has gone from horse and buggy to space travel in just 400 years, and these first ten named generations had over a thousand years, and possibly more intelligence than we have now in these 'latter days'. You think?

The next ten generations, Shem #11, to Abraham #20, are itemized in Gen11:10-26 and in 1Chr1:24-27.

A third grouping of ten generations is found in Ruth chapt. four, which takes us from Pharez #24 to David #33.

David is #33, and "he reigned in Jerusalem thirty and three years." 2Sam5:5, 1K2:11, 1Chr29:27.
Scripture emphasizes this by repeating it in those three books.

Solomon #34, Hezekiah #46, Assir #52, Zorobabel #54. These later generations are not without some stumbling blocks, as though the Great Author didn't want us to discover it in earlier times. Matthew 1:15,16 takes us from Jacob #63 to Joseph to Mary to Jesus #66. Wow!!

The GENERATIONS (Hebrew: toledoth) of Heaven & Earth, of Adam, of Noah, of Shem, of Terah, of Ishmael, of Isaac, of Esau, and of Jacob are all recorded in the Book of Genesis.   The Book of Matthew introduces itself as "The Book of the Generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham."
The principle of 'passing down the seed' is found in Exodus 1:5 -- "And all the souls that came out of the loins of Jacob were seventy souls: for Joseph was in Egypt already".

Sixty-six generations from Adam to Jesus, and sixty-six books in the Bible, because Jesus really is the Word of God who came in the flesh. Is that like finding hidden gold?

  The 3 periods of 14 generations, Matthew 1:17, inspire some to a partial arithmetic solution of forty-two (42) generations, but fails to consider the skipped names in Solomon's column or the nineteen names leading to Abraham. It is this reckoning which leads to a new, more significant, solution of 2 periods of 33 names instead of the 3 periods of 14.

One of the stumbling blocks is that the Joseph in Matthew 1:16 cannot be Mary's husband (or they'd be in the same generation) -- that Joseph must be her father instead. Besides, having her husband in the genealogy of Jesus would seem to belie Jesus' true father. The Aramaic text uses the word "gavra" (mighty man: not necessarily a husband)) for the "husband" of Mary.
The father of Mary's husband was Heli (Luke3:23), but the Joseph#64 in Matthew 1:16 had a father named Jacob. Mystery solved, because these two Joseph's cannot be the same!

There's more! The Joseph in Egypt was not in the pedigree of Christ, and neither is the Joseph husband of Mary, because Jesus really is the Son of God! Like a Thoroughbred Race Horse, the genealogy of Jesus has been engineered all the way from Genesis to Matthew, with only a single reference to 'pedigrees', in Num1:18. Because you may not have heard this before, it may be difficult to digest.(A truth hard to swallow). I've found it helpful to realize that the Blessed Virgin had a husband and a father with the same name. Just as we do! You don't often (ever?) hear about it, but Isaiah 54:5 confirms that our Heavenly Father is also a heavenly husband! (Compare to 2Cor11:2 --in the New Covenant he's a bridegroom!).

The Apostle Paul prayed that he might make known the mystery of the gospel, Eph6:19, so it shouldn't come as a surprise when we find things hidden in the Word. We've been created in His image, and I'm sure that includes Agatha Christie as well as Ellery Queen and Sherlock Holmes. Elementary?

The Generation Chart

All the generations from Adam to David are thirty-three (33), and all the generations from Solomon to Jesus are 33. [Compare the symmetry logic with Matthew 1:17].

Genesis 5 and 11, 1Chr1-3:17 .................> Three Periods of 14 Generations

1. Adam 20. Abraham 34. K. Solomon 53. Salathiel/Shealtiel
2. Seth 21. Isaac 35. K. Rehoboam 54. Zerubbabel   Ezra3:2
3. Enos 22. Jacob I 36. K. Abijam 55. Abiud
4. Cainan 23. Judah(Tamar) 37. K. Asa 56. Eliakim
5. Mahalaleel 24. Pharez 38. K. Jehoshaphat 57. Azor
6. Jared 25. Esrom 39. K. Jehoram 58. Sadoc
7. Enoch II 26. Aram 40. * K. Ahaziah 59. Achim
8. Methuselah 27. Aminidab 41. *K. Joash 60. Eliud
9. Lamech II 28. Naason 42. * K. Amaziah 61. Eleazar
10. NOAH 29. Salmon(Rahab) 43. K. Uzziah / Azariah 62. Matthan
11. Shem 30. Boaz (Ruth) 44. K. Jotham 63. Jacob II
12. Arphaxad 31. Obed 45. K. Ahaz 64. Joseph
13. Salah/Shelah 32. Jesse 46. K. Hezekiah 65. Mary
14. Eber 33. King DAVID 47. K. Manasseh 66. JESUS
15. Peleg   48. K. Amon  
16. Reu   49. K. Josiah  
17. Serug   50. * K. Jehoiakim  
18. Nahor   51. K. Jechonias / Coniah  
19. Terah   52. * Assir - (NIV omits)  

The Zerubbabel of 1Chr3:19 is the wrong one. The Jerusalem phase finishes with Jeconiah/Assir/Salathiel in 1Chr3:17, and then we pick up the correct Zerubbabel in Ezra3:2, where the 70 yrs of Babylon begin.

1Chronicles, chapt. 3 - KJV

1Chr3:9 These were all the sons of David, beside the sons of the concubines, and Tamar their sister.
3:10: And Solomon's son was Rehoboam, Abia his son, Asa his son, Jehoshaphat his son,
11: Joram his son, Ahaziah his son, Joash his son,
12: Amaziah his son, Azariah(Uzziah) his son, Jotham his son,
13: Ahaz his son, Hezekiah his son, Manasseh his son,
14: Amon his son, Josiah
his son.
15: And the sons of Josiah were, the firstborn Johanan, the second Jehoiakim, the third Zedekiah, the fourth Shallum.
16: And the sons of Jehoiakim: Jeconiah his son, Zedekiah his son.
1Ch:3:17: And the sons of Jeconiah; Assir, Salathiel(Shealtiel) his son

(*Don't follow Pedaiah of 3:19)

Now we've gone to Babylon, and the next name, Zerubbabel, is over at Ezra3:2, 5:2, and Haggai.

Instead of 3 groups of 14 generations, we have 4 groups (19+14: twice), after the five missing names are included in the Solomon column. Notice that there are thirty-three (33) generations leading to David, and then thirty-three (33) leading to Jesus. Then note that all of the sixty-six names (except for Jacob) are unique and different. The generations marked with (*) are recorded in the Old Testament, but aren't found in Matthew: a fact which to this very day continues to baffle many scholars.

Don't get side-tracked from the father-to-son line over to the progression of the throne (king line), and don't get mislead because of the two father/son named Salathiel(Shealtiel, Ezra3:2) and Zorubbable. Matt 1:12 and Lk3:27 refer. Zedekiah was the final king of Judah, and a family member, but he wasn't in the line of Christ.

* When the five 'missing' names are added to Solomon's column, it balances the column under Adam with 19 names. Why did the Author leave out the 3 names beginning with Ahaziah? It marks the ratio of 39/27, the books of the Old and New Testaments.

COUNT 'EM: There are exactly forty (40) names between the two Jacobs!

The last name in Solomon's column, "Assir" (means captive or prisoner) isn't found in the NIV, having been translated and applied to Jeconiah. It's a legitimate name according to Ex6:24.

Confusing names? Jeconiah is another name for Jehoiachin, son of Jehoiakim (also known as Eliakim, 2K23:30), and is the same "Coniah" boy-king who received the 'childless' curse of Jer22:30 and has caused many to believe the line of Christ came through Nathan. Coniah's son Assir was born in Babylon and never gained the throne. The final king, Zedekiah, was NOT in the pedigree of Jesus, nor was Jehoahaz.

The genealogy in Luke 3 shows the PRIEST LINE pedigree of Mary's husband ("supposed" father of Jesus) and is NOT part of Jesus' pedigree. They were both from the Tribe of Judah (House of David) as required lawfully by Numb 36:6: Mary from David's son Solomon, and her husband from David's son Nathan. The Cainan of Lk3:36 must be a copyist error from 3:37 unless both the Genesis and 1Chr accounts have errors of omission. If there were indeed two (2) Cainan's, it would upset not only the sixty-six count, and the three "ten generation" count, but also the significance of the unique names in the pedigrees of David and Christ.     The "two" Cainan's would be an anomaly! A red-herring for us to uncover, maybe?

So why would anyone want to deny the sixty-six (66) count?   However, for further study, click here to check out the parallel generations of Nathan and Solomon.

Are you sitting down?

ONLY TWO JACOBS IN THE BIBLE!! There comes a time when you come across too many coincidences for it to be coincidence, and the record of the two Enoch's, two Lamech's, and two Jacob's fit that category. When you note that both Jacob's have a son named Joseph, it gets even more intriguing..

The first Enoch was the son of Cain (3rd gen.) and the first Lamech was also in the line of Cain (7th gen.), counting from Adam.   Adam to Cain to Enoch to Irad to Mehujael to Methusael to Lamech. This Lamech#1 is a self confessed murderer and the first person in scripture to have two wives, but the genealogy abruptly ceases at this point.

"The foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men". 1Cor1:25

Hidden truth!! When the Book of Jude, verse 14, refers to Enoch the 7th from Adam, it doesn't identify him as Enoch#2, but that has to be the case and he has to have descended from Adam's third son, Seth. We note that several names are similar, but only Enoch and Lamech are identical to the names in Cain's line. Enoch#2 is in the 7th generation and Lamech#2 is in the 9th generation. I believe God knows that 7 x 9 = 63, don't you?.

Weren't there enough names to go around? Why in the world would you want to copy someone else's name, and especially when those persons were a murderer and the son of a murderer? (See the poem "City of Enoch"). The subject is especially interesting after you've read in Philippians concerning the name above every name, and in Psalms where God named all the stars....any two of them alike?.

A CRYPTOGRAM! Some call it revelation and some call it illumination. Whatever -- at least two thrilling points come from this study. First, every name from Adam to Jesus is different and unique except for the name "Jacob" (means supplanter: to take the place of). The first Jacob followed Abraham and Isaac, and the second Jacob came just before Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. Jacob#2 is the 63rd generation from Adam! So the 7th name, times the 9th name, equals the 63rd name, and these three (and no others) are suffixed with Roman numeral II. Could this cryptogram really be coincidental?

The name 'Jacob' means supplanter (not deceiver as some teach) Gen27:36 affirms

I don't think so--it seems to me the Author is emphasizing the multiple two's in scripture, and giving confirmation of the sixty-six books and supporting the meaning of supplanter. The first Enoch and first Lamech were in the line of Cain, so they don't figure in Jesus' pedigree.

Enoch#2 was a preacher and prophet who foretold that the Lord would be coming with ten thousands of His saints, Jude 14. Already, in only seven generations, mankind was being told about Judgment. Lamech#1 was in that same generation -- he confessed to his two wives that he'd killed a young man. Comparing himself to Cain who killed Abel, he declared in so many words that his crime was greater, and it seems to me that he was the one who shortened the life of Preacher Enoch who died at "only" 365 years. (Others of that era lived to be eight or nine hundred). Maybe the preacher told Lamech that having two wives wasn't right with God? Because Cain had killed "righteous Abel", Mt23:35, what could be a greater crime than to attack God's man of that day?

Because Jesus is "the same yesterday, today, and forever", Heb13:8, and because Paul wrote about being "absent from the body, and present with the Lord", 2Cor5:8, it's my personal opinion that Enoch#2 was the victim of Lamech#1. Bad things do happen to good people, but when they leave their body, God takes them! The Author is introducing that concept in Genesis, and giving us lots of time to think about it, before Paul says it plainly.

Establishing the Pedigree. Don't take offence at the word "pedigree" -- it's used in Numbers 1:18(with an 's'). As long as a father has only one son it's easy to trace the pedigree, but Noah had three sons (Shem, Ham, and Japheth) and initially it was difficult to see which line would prevail. Eventually though, as we continued reading, it was the son Shem which led the way to Abraham. Shem#11, Arphaxad, Salah, Eber, Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, Abraham#20. Matthews Gospel begins with Abraham, so we need to remember the nineteen generations which preceded him.

We're tracing the generations (a red thread in the document, or you could think of it as a kind of watermark) and from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob should be a given (unless you're an Arab), because Jesus himself authenticated those three patriarchs. If the only book you ever read is Genesis, then Joseph would likely be counted as the fourth generation, but when you continue, you learn that Jesus descended from Judah, and suddenly you're considering the matter from an entirely different perspective.. "Moreover he refused the tabernacle of Joseph, and chose not the tribe of Ephraim: but chose the tribe of Judah, the Mount Zion which he loved." Ps78:67.

Hezekiah was King of Judah when the Northern Kingdom of Israel was vanquished by the Assyrians, 2Kings18:9, but Hezekiah's throne was succeeded by Manasseh, and Amon, and Josiah, so it isn't clear why Isaiah 1:1 and Hosea 1:1 both concluded their 4-generation intro with Hezekiah.

From Great-grandpa, to Grandpa, to Father, to Son -- Isaiah 1:1 and Hosea 1:1 both read from: Uzziah to Jotham to Ahaz to Hezekiah -- 4 generations of father to son!

The 4th Generation. It's intriguing to say the least. It was the 2nd son of Abraham (not Ishmael), and the 2nd son of Isaac (not Esau), and the 4th son of Jacob, which eventually led to Jesus. Jacob's firstborn had defiled his father's bed (so Joseph got the double-portion), and Simeon and Levi had avenged the rape of their sister, so it was Judah who continued the line of Christ.

There's an interesting pattern of four generations that probably isn't accidental. Remember the Joseph here is reckoned as Mary's father instead of her husband (she's an "example" of a wise virgin, and so she had a husband and father with the same name!).

Levi #7 Enoch II #30 Boaz Reuben #20 Abraham #63 Jacob II
Kohath #8 Methuselah #31 Obed Simeon #21 Isaac #64 Joseph
Amram #9 Lamech II #32 Jesse Levi #22 Jacob #65 Mary
MOSES #10 NOAH #33 DAVID #23 JUDAH ? Joseph/Judah ? #66 JESUS


God had told Abraham that his seed would sojourn in Egypt for 400 years, and would be there until the FOURTH generation. Gen15:16. WHY THE DELAY?, I wondered. Because "the iniquity of the Amorites was not yet full". Same kind of thing as happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, and now it seems that America has a land full of Amorites as well...

Hindsight! Students will ask "What about the Abraham Covenant?", which they believe began in the Genesis Period, but that was only "by Promise" and eventually initiated by Moses in Exodus 19 and taught by Paul in Hebrews 9:19.   The first use of the word "promise" occurs in Numbers 14:34, speaking of a "breach of promise" (a breach meaning 'altering of purpose' is the meaning of the name of Pharez: the son of Judah through whom the line of Christ proceeded).

...Most of us are aware that the Bible wasn't written in chapter and verse -- that these were added later. None of the original documents have survived, and the oldest copies lack even basic punctuation. Some were all in small letters (cursive) and some in all capitals (uncils). Seems to me it's some kind of a miracle that it has evolved to what we have today. He watches over his Word to perform it... Jer1:12.

Sixty-six books in the Bible (no more, no less) and sixty-six generations from Adam to Jesus

a. 66 chapters to Isaiah.             c. Acrostics of Lamentations.
b. 39/27 of Hezekiah/Josiah.         d. Gen46 & Lev12.
e. Bible Center.

ISAIAH -   No nonsense "scholars" tells us this book was written by two authors; that the first writer left off with chapter 39 and the second author concluded the final 27 chapters. Maybe they were just oblivious to this 'numbered' arrangement of the Old to the New testaments?? And, since chapters 36, 37, 38, and 39 all had to do with Hezekiah, maybe they weren't looking for a pattern-of-four (tetrad) as a kind of alerting signal?

LAMENTATIONS -  Some say this book was originally part of JEREMIAH, and if that were so then we wouldn't have sixty-six books: we'd have sixty-five. The number of Books of Kings may also have changed, and the New Testament books such as 2Peter and Jude were very nearly excluded, we're told. So what if the number were different in other times? My position is that God could have arranged it "for such a time as this". We're in the 4th quarter of this great game, and the 2-minute warning has already sounded.

Lamentation has five chapters, and it's all in acrostic form. That is, the first verse of each chapter begins with the letter "A" (Hebrew aleph), the second verse with "B" (beth), and so forth. Since the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, it isn't surprising that chapters 1, 2, 4, and 5 each have 22 verses. (Chapter five is different--the 22 verses aren't in acrostic form.)

22 - 22 - 66 - 22 - 22

The human hand illustrates, with the thumb as chapter five.

Chapter three, however, has sixty-six verses: it's a TRIPLE acrostic. (Compare to the "8" of Psalm 119). Three verses beginning with "a", then three verses beginning with "b", etc. It's axiomatic then, that the verses in chapters 1,2, and 4 also add up to sixty-six. A dictionary will describe an acrostic as a puzzle or poem where succeeding letters of the alphabet are used..

LEVITICUS 12 When you know that David was #33 in the generations, and Jesus is #66; it's just natural to have a certain respect for these numbers, and the only times they appear together in scripture is in Genesis 46 and Leviticus 12.

The subject in Leviticus is the time required for the purification of a woman who has given birth, so that she can come into the sanctuary. If she had a son, she must wait thirty-three days following his circumcision, and if she had a daughter the time was sixty-six days following a two week separation. Once we're aware of patterns, it's the heavenly sanctuary the children of God are looking to, and praying they are worthy to escape the terrible things coming to pass. Lk21:36. "For we know that the whole creation groans and travails in pain together until now." Rom8:22.

The Old Covenant brought forth the Son, and the New Covenant is to bring forth wise and fruitful virgins. First the male, then the female. Just as Adam and Eve illustrated. Not silly women or foolish fellows, but there is "neither Jew nor Greek, neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female; for ye are all one in Christ Jesus". Gal 3:28.

I'll be surprised if the 33 or 66 correlates to specific units of time (maybe two millennium?), but it does seem to endorse equal time periods for the Two Covenants. Time, and half-a-time, maybe.   They certainly support the thesis that the Old Covenant (for the Jew, under the Law) represents the male, and the New Covenant (for Gentiles, by faith) the female.

GENESIS 46. We're dealing here with how many of Jacob's household are going down to Egypt. Remember, Jacob "knew" four women: two wives and two concubines. Leah was the fruitful wife who gave him six sons and a daughter -- it was her side of the family who sent thirty-three souls down into Egypt, v15. The other wife, Rachel, had two sons, as did each of the two concubines, and altogether "All the souls that came with Jacob into Egypt, which came out of his loins, besides Jacob's sons wives, all the souls were threescore and six." Gen46:26. Joseph was already down there, and his Egyptian wife had borne him two sons; Manasseh and Ephraim, who were ostensibly adopted into the twelve original tribes. (Manasseh represents the Jews, and Ephraim the Gentiles--but that's another story).

Scripture puts a curious emphasis on these numbers: 33 & 66, and it may only be for the purpose of a later association with David and Jesus, or possibly for our understanding about doubling.

Hezekiah & Josiah. Why these two, especially? Mainly because they're special in several ways. A study in both comparison and contrast, if you will. (Who called for the taxi? You looked like you were getting drowsy, and I wanted to get your attention.)

Scholars maintain the Book of Isaiah had two authors, and that the second author took over in chapter 40. Since Isaiah contains a total of 66 chapters, it seems they want to divide it into the first 39, and the last 27. Isn't that great! Just like the Bible itself.

For the complete story of Hezekiah, you have to read 2Kings, 2Chronicles, and chapters 36, 37, 38, & 39 of Isaiah. These four chapters are all about Hezekiah, and then in chapter 40 the subject abruptly switches to John the Baptist. See Luke 3:4. I understand why the scholars say what they say, but instead of about 40 authors, I'm convinced of one great Ghostwriter!

Scripture says about Hezekiah: "He trusted in the LORD God of Israel; so that after him was none like him among all the kings of Judah, nor any that were before him." 2K18:5. It says about Josiah: "And like unto him was there no king before him, that turned to the LORD with all his soul, and with all his might, according to all the law of Moses; neither after him arose there any like him. 2K23:25.

You might think it said these things about many kings, but not so -- just these two. Other good kings get praise, but this "before & after" phrase is special to them.

Hezekiah is probably best known for his receiving an additional fifteen years of life; confirmed by seeing the sun dial return ten degrees. I say he saw the shadow of the changing time, a parallel to seeing the leaves come on the trees and knowing summer is nigh, and to the present day scenario (perilous times, 2Tim3:1) when everything that's Holy gets ridiculed and scorned.

Sure, it was a miracle. If he hadn't gotten the 15 yrs., it would have interrupted the generations to Christ, because his son Manasseh was only 12 yrs. old when he succeeded his father on the throne. You might think of it as a miracle birth for Manasseh. And isn't a miraculous birth (of Jesus and of You and I) what the scripture is all about?

King Hezekiah asked for the shadow on the sundial to return ten degrees, which it did, as a sign that he would live 15 more years. Ps120-134 are 15 "Song of Degrees" (Ps127 'for Solomon'), and Proverbs 25:1 mentions the name Hezekiah in a context that should get our attention and consideration.

Both Hezekia and Josiah celebrated notable Passover Feasts. The amended Passover by Hezekiah was compared to that of Solomon's, 2Chr30:26, and the regular Passover by Josiah was compared to that of Samuel, 2Chr35:18. If this is an allegory (I could be wrong), it may be talking about "the first shall be last, and the last first". Josiah is perhaps best known for being prophesied by name decades earlier, in 1K13:2. Yet he didn't seem to be aware of it until they'd found the lost book, 2Chr34:14, and then he suddenly realized he'd been doing something wrong! Even though he'd been "good" and "loyal", the Lost Book opened his eyes. Could this be implying that the Jews will finally be reading the New Testament--will they see themselves in Revelation 7? Or will they see the Church rise to be with the Lord?

Hezekiah made a remarkable statement: "..the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth." Isa37:3. The new birth wasn't awarded to the Old Covenant "Children of Israel", but rather has come in through the New Covenant and the arrival of the Holy Spirit. This statement of Hezekia must be remembered in connection with the way Jesus chided Nicodemus for not knowing about the new birth. Also, it adds to the evidence that the Old Testament (or Covenant) was for the Jews (the children), and the New Testament is for the adults who are able to be reasoned with. I'm opposed to the teaching that your mind and intellect must be side-lined or put out to pasture when you get saved.

Are you ready for this? It's the 39/27 ratio. It's coincidence upon coincidence unless the Author has done this on purpose.

Despite being so great and following after the Lord, Josiah died at the tender age of 39 in a presumptive battle against the King of Egypt. 2K22:1. King Necho had said God was with him, and for Josiah not to interfere, but Josiah wouldn't listen. So he died aged 39 -- the number of books of the Old Testament. This is why I think Josiah represents the Children, or the Old Covenant.

Hezekiah was the one man in the Bible who knew the year of his death. He was 39 at the time the Lord granted him another fifteen years, and 54 when he died. Twice the number of the books of the New Testament. The prophet Isaiah had also told Hezekiah: "..On the third day thou shalt go up unto the house of the LORD." 2K20:5. Because the THIRD DAY is such a significant part of scripture (See SIXDAYS), I've assigned Hezekiah, in my mind, as representing the New Covenant. The first shall be last, and the last, first. Amen and amen.

Luke3 Genealogy 74 names when the Cainan of Arphaxad omitted

Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Maleleel, Jared, Enoch, Mathusala, Lamech, Noe     (1st ten)
Shem, Arphaxad, Cainan, Sala, Heber, Phalec, Ragau, Saruch, Nachor, Thara, Abraham, (eleven)
Isaac, Jacob, Juda, Phares, Esrom, Aram, Aminadab, Naasson, Salmon, Booz (3rd ten)
Obed, Jesse, David, Nathan, Mattatha, Menan, Melea, Eliakim, Jonan, Joseph (4th ten)
Judah, Simeon, Levi, Matthat, Jorim, Eliezer, Jose, Er, Elmodam, Cosam (5th ten)
Addi, Melchi, Neri, Salathiel, Zorobabel, Rhesa, Joanna, Juda, Joseph, Semei, (6th ten)
Mattathias, Maath, Nagge, Esli, Naum, Amos, Mattathias, Joseph, Janus, Melchi (7th ten)
Levi, Matthat, Heli, "supposed Joseph" (Mary not included..)

* Note the four Josephs, and other repeated names.
* The Levi and the Eliezer in 5th row bear witness to this Priestly Line.
* The father-son of Salathiel/Zorobabel are different from the pair in Matthew.

Got good (20/20) eyesight?

Using Bishop Ussher figure of 4004 for the time of Adam, and assuming Moses born 2200 AA (After Adam), and near the acrostic number, the Flood began in 1656 AA (After Adam) or 2348 B.C., and Moses born 2200 AA, or 4004-2200=1804 BC.

It doesn't take a math major to check this out...

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