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Thank you Mrs. Swope, wherever you are. My 8th grade teacher in Long Beach, CA offered an "A" to whomever would memorize "The Cremation of Sam McGee" by Robt. W. Service. The pleasure I've had reciting it over campfires and at various meetings has far outweighed that initial reward, but it was many years before I felt any inclination to compose personally.

The poetry of Walt Whitman (1819-92) contains many religious references although he wrote "I understand God not in the least". (Song of Myself-47). The poets of the future, he predicted in his "Leaves of Grass", wouldn't deign to defend immortality or God. How wrong he was! See poem "Maiden Voyage".

Quite a few of these poems have been published in small journals: Omnific, Ozark Muse, Poet's Voice, Inspirational Poet, Parnassus, Southern Poetry Association, Poetic Realm, Tucumcari Literary Review, to name a few, and I often used the byline "Bob Smith of Foreman" (Ark.)

Someone will point out how the 23rd Psalm is the finest poetry ever written, no matter which language is used, and I heartily agree. The "cup" that runneth over isn't just any tin cup or coffee cup--the psalmist is speaking of the content of our life. The "table" is the Bible, and the green pastures appeal to the persons who've become "sheep" of the Great Shepherd. The psalm doesn't rhyme, at least not in English, and the vowels and punctuation are missing from the oldest Hebrew texts, so we can't be certain of the original meter or rhythm.


When I see it in the Bible then I think it has a purpose

'cause my Father's not a man to mince his Word..

If this present life is like a dream, then I'll soon be

waking up, and I'll expect to hear the chirping of the birds..

It's going to be a New Day! A special for-a-few Day,

and maybe like a visit to the farm..

We'll be gathered all together like birds of the same

feather, and ...oops, there goes the alarm!

I hope you'll adjust the text size (View>font) if it's too large or too small...


Bob Smith, Jamaica, 1/89

When David heard what Goliath said, it made his blood to boil,
He determined then and there, that the giant's plan he would foil.
He told King Saul that he would fight--that he was not afraid,
And then the battle could be won, and Israel would be saved.

King Saul was concerned about David's youth--he was only a lad, so fair,
But David told him then that he'd already whipped the lion and the bear.
"God had delivered him then", he said, and He would do it again,
Because the battle between Good & Evil was for Israel to win.

So David prepared for the battle, and he tried on the armor of Saul,
But that armor hadn't been tested, he said; and it didn't fit him at all.
So he removed that armor, and instead took his sling and his staff,
and 5 smooth stones from the brook, to go up against the enemies wrath.

Then David marched out on the battlefield, while the Army of Israel waited
with bated breath, to see young David go up against the foe that they all hated.
Goliath stomped and raged as he saw the lad draw near,
And he cursed him in the name of his gods; but in David there was no fear...

You see, David was wearing the Armor of God, and in his mouth was a two-edged sword;
And he hurried forth to meet Goliath, in the name of his heavenly Lord.
He told him he'd take his head off, and feed his flesh to the birds;
That the Lord of Hosts, God of All-Israel, was with him to accomplish those words.

Then David loaded one of his stones, and began to whirl his sling;
..and he guaged the giant's position, and then the stone he did fling!
......It hit Goliath in the forehead--right between the eyes--
and he crashed to earth upon his face, amidst the enemies cries.
With Goliath's own sword, David cut off his head, while Israel shouted for joy;
That Uncircumcised Philistine was dead--cut down by a spirit-filled boy!

"Why was King Saul agreeing to the Giant's terms? Why didn't he send out a SWAT team or dig an elephant pit? It really should have been King Saul's fight (cause he was a tall man), and why was he allowing young David to determine the fate of Israel?
Put on the armor of God, Eph6, to fight the N.T. "giant" of sickness. Their adversaries were flesh and blood, but ours is the spiritual battle against sickness and ignorance of the Truth--an enemy bigger than any one man.

SAMSON Judg 14:14

A mighty Judge of Israel; Samson was his name,
His strength inspired Hercules to try to do the same.
He wouldn't drink strong drink, and he wouldn't cut his hair,
With bare hands he slew the lion, and then left him lying there.

A mighty Judge of Israel: Samson was his name..
Used the jawbone of a donkey to put the Philistine's to shame.
Women were his weakness, they persisted in their plot,
To learn his riddle and his secret: which eventually they got!

"From the eater came forth meat; from the strong came sweetness",
Plowing with his heifer brought all the guest's completeness.
And when the Feast was over and the bride was kissed at last,
They got a change of garments just before the die was cast.

The honey from the lion was the Riddle to his love..
The secret of his strength was that it came from "up above".
Then blinded by Delilah and forced to turn the wheel,
Samson's hair kept growing as he grinded out the meal.

Came the day the Philistines brought Samson for their fun..
They chained him tween two pillars so that he couldn't run.
He flexed his mighty muscles; it got quiet as a mouse..
His prayer to God was answered by bringing down the house!

They say he killed more in his death than when he was alive,
And through the Cross of Calvary, many millions have revived.
Samson ate the honey, but he killed the lion first,
And now we see the story was a tale for those who thirst.

Samson gave the 'guests' three days to solve his riddle, which they did after ''plowing w his heifer" -- read 'learning from the Holy Spirit', and the 3 days is like the Life and Death timing of the Butler and Baker.. We recognize the +2K yrs since the Gospels; so now we're in that '3rd Day' (like King Hezekiah) when a thousand years are as one day: 2K20:5, 2Pet3:8

THE BEAUTIFUL FEET Bob Smith, Tucson AZ, 8/88

To the Jews God gave special instructions concerning what they could eat,
and the strange thing about it was, it depended a lot on the feet!
The beast in the stable wasn't fit for the table unless it had a divided hoof,
It had to chew the cud besides--all other meat was considered uncouth.

If it came out of the water it must be a fish, cause it had to have fins and scales,
and that rules out not just lobster & crab, but also catfish & whales!

What's the meaning behind these rules? Is it something we ought to know?
Were these laws given special to the Hebrews to show us the way we should go?
They seemed to thrive on what they ate before they entered Canaan Land,
So I think the reason for these rules was so that WE would understand...

"It isn't the food that goes in your mouth that defiles you", Jesus said,
It's the food in your mind that defiles you--the thoughts that are in your head.
Washing your hands before eating is good; like washing the outside of a cup,
But the thing that's really important is that you have a clean heart when you sup.

When you chew the good food of the Word, it's kind of like chewing gum,
Your jawbone is getting the action, but your mind shouldn't be totally numb.
You're meditating in The Word and considering all that it means,
You aren't swallowing all you've heard, and you know it's more than it seems.

The Body of Christ has many parts, and each part serves a purpose.
It's the Beautiful Feet that carry the Word; that do His special service.
It's the feet that do the walking, and in straight paths they're supposed to go,
and the Word-of-God that accompanies them, must be rightly-divided: Isn't that so?

You'll be clean in the sight of God, when you meditate in His Word,
And keep your feet on the mountain, and let your voice be heard.
When the scales come off your eyes, and the fins direct your way, (5-fold ministry)
You'll be rightly-dividing the living water, a fish that's here to stay!

The physical food of the Old Testament was an example for us to learn by,
But the spiritual food of the New Testament has a taste that money can't buy.
It's the butter and honey that tells right from wrong, It's the meat to make you strong;
It's the true bread of communion for the family of God that puts in your heart a new song.

"How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of him..." Nahum 1:15, Rom10:15, Isa52:7   Just the feet? A pedagogue is a teacher, and Maschil is the Hebrew for an instructive or didactic poem. See title of Ps32,142.
Because our "feet shod with the gospel", Eph6:15, and the WORD is like "Living Water", John4, it gives spiritual meaning to "FOOTWASHING" and 'Walking' Scripturally.

At the Beach!

Barefeet are welcome here, my friend, 'cause this is Holy Ground..

Take off your shoes and see what's new, before you cruise around.

There'll be some things beyond belief, and some to make you smile..

And once you 'get your feet wet', you'll enjoy the salty style!

Corn of Heaven    Ps78:24

I always say what The Word says, because the Word is LIGHT,
It spells the Way we need to pray, and gives us second-sight.
Our feet can be like hinds feet, 'cause hindsight is much better,
So when we sing & praise the Lord, we shake the devil's fetter.

I always say what The Word says, because the Word is a ROCK,
A fortress of Living Words to supply and water God's stock.
If you can stand on principle, you can walk on the water of God,
First you'll have to wash your feet, and get them spiritually shod!

I always say what The Word says, because the Word is CORN!
A kind of sugar from the Lord, so we could be re-born.
He doesn't charge us for it: The oxen ground it out..
So we could fill our sacks up full, and learn to praise and shout!

I always say what The Word says, because the Word is BREAD,
And it feeds as many people as are there to hear it said.
This bread we share is special because we eat it with our ears..
Then we toast it at Communion, and wash it down with cheers!

I always say what The Word says, because the Word is DRINK...
To those who have a thirst for Truth, it causes them to think.
It's not your ordinary water...No, this can be changed to wine,
The words that pour from heaven are from the God who is the Vine!

I always say what my Father says, because the Word is GOD,
The Author wrote a Book of Life for a Standard and a Rod,
We have to fish for the meaning--we can't just camp out on top,
The still that supplies this water, is good to the deepest drop!

These aren't the only metaphors for Jesus and the Scripture--Jeremiah 23:29 asks "Is not my Word as a fire, and as a hammer?" The Apostle Peter, 1Pet2:2, wrote: "As sincere babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby", and Hebrews 5:12 admonishes us to grow up and progress from the milk to the meat.   Click here for more about Jesus.

A lyric poem by Bob Smith, Ana Glyfada Greece, 7/87

Christ is the Rock, and he's the answer,   1Cor10:4
He's the shining light..   Acts9:3
Christ is the Rock, Christ is the answer,   Gen28:18
He's the Bread of Life.    Jn6:51

They say that honey comes from bee's, but the answer's on my tongue..   Ps81:16
"I get my HONEY FROM THE ROCK, so I'm sure I won't get stung!    Rev10:10
The honey that opened Jonathan's eyes has also opened mine, and the   1Sam14:29
Word of God now tastes so sweet that I crave it all the time!   Pr24:13

They say that water comes from rain, and that it's mainly in the plain,   Hos6:3
but I get my WATER FROM THE ROCK, so I will never thirst again.   Ex17:6
It's not the water in the well; No, this comes from Galilee..   Jn4:14
It's been poured out from God above, so naturally it's free!   Ps22:14

They say that oil lubricates, and is pumped up from the ground,   Dt32:13
but I get my OIL FROM THE's a gusher that I've found!   Job29:6
That old oil covered up the flesh, and messed up Aaron's beard, but you   Ps133:2
need the new oil for your lamp, when the bridegroom does appear.   Matt25

They say that fire burns and kills--it's definitely HOT...but the   Judg6:21
Word of God tastes extra good with the (new) FIRE FROM THE ROCK!   Judg13:20
Don't let your sacrifice get cold; No, keep it piping hot..   Rom12:1
On the altar for burnt offerings, with fire from the Rock.   Gen22:7

Now they ate lamb, but we eat bread; as spirit succeeds flesh,
The STONE that they rejected has become our righteousness.
Follow first the fire, if you want to see the cloud; It's the
Great Light that follows the darkness that eliminates the shroud!

Samson's HONEY is in stock, for those who want it from the Rock,
and for those who'll take a stand, there's still the WATER of Naaman.
The OIL of gladness yet abounds in churches where the Rock is found..
So grab your Bible, light a shock...the FIRE still comes from the Rock!

Christ is the Rock, and he's the answer,   Ps18:31
He's the firstfruit from the dead..   Lev23:10
Christ is the Rock, Christ is the answer,   1Cor15:24
He's the Lifter of my Head.   Ps3:3

HE never said "I AM the Rock", (it isn't written) leaving that information for Paul to divulge in 1Cor10:4. Besides, it would have driven the Pharisees and Sadducees ballistic! He's the monolithic Rock who's the source of the honey, the anointing oil, the Living Water, and the Holy Ghost baptism! Like a diamond with many facets!

"They shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him". Mal 3:17
So the Jewel Thief will be coming "as a thief in the night" to rapture his beloveds!

"LET MY PEOPLE GO" - Exodus 8, 9

"Let my people go!" says God, but Satan hangs on tight, and the
people who are steeped in sin don't know to do what's right.

Come hell or high calamity; Come sickness or disease,
people just go right ahead doing as they please.
Sometimes they vow and plead with God, when things get
really rough, but when they're on their feet again,
they say "of Church I've had enough!".

"Let my people go!" says God, "So they can worship me",
so they can sing and praise with joy, and live in honesty.
So they won't lie or steal or cheat; they'll give up harmful habits,
and show their children not to go around behaving just like rabbits.

"Let my people go!" said God, but Satan won't let go...
and the leaders of this people want to keep the status quo.
They think they're oh-so very smart, and know-it-all besides..
But just as soon as God gets back, He's going to tan their hides!

My apologies to the rabbits. This poem from the Book of Exodus is modulated with a New Testament perspective which says those things were "for our learning"; Rom15:4.

It was the Pharaoh in Egypt who refused to let the Children of Israel depart and it was puzzling why he was so wishy-washy; so obstinate and cantankerous, alternately agreeing and then refusing to let the people go, in view of all the severe plagues. Back in those days the Israeli's were fighting flesh and blood enemies and knew little of Satan (did they equate him with the serpent in the garden?), but the Christian fight is against the lies concerning God's Word: a spiritual battle of words, symbolic logic, and outspoken faith.

Here's NEWS for you -- the FIRSTBORN still die!  We're all "terminal". That's why you "must be born again", like Jesus said, if you're ever to inherit eternal life.

Suppose the Pharaoh had allowed the Israeli's to depart early on, before the final plague of the death of the firstborn. Then we would have missed the crucial sacrament of the Passover Lamb and how it related to Jesus, the Lamb of God. God had said back then "When I see the blood, I will pass over you"; a figure and precept of the atoning action which ultimately took place at Calvary.


On the inside--looking out..
From comfort or a prison,
On the outside--looking in..
With envy or derision.

Two sides to every wall
as well as to a penny..
The other side a mystery
not known to very many..

On the inside--looking out..
"It's greener over there!"
On the outside--looking in..
"Life is just not fair!"

The wall is what divides us,
Like truth apart from fiction,
Opinions that are based upon
our private predilection!

On the inside--looking out..
Rahab sought the Truth!
and welcomed the two witnesses
who led her way to Ruth. Mt1:5

On the outside--looking in..
Wondering "What's behind it all?"
Never knowing, until going
'round until they fall!

The English prisoner-poet Richard Lovelace (1618-57) was no doubt thinking of mental walls when he penned the familiar lines: "Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage". Seen as an allegory, this account in the Book of Joshua parallels "Thy Word have I hid in my heart", Ps119:11, and "I and my Father are one", Jn10:30, with the two unidentified spies hidden by Rahab. She married Salmon and they had a son Boaz, so she became mother-in-law to Ruth, and ancestor of David. Her physical house was in the wall when the wall came down, but the House of David offers "the sure mercies of David", Acts13:34. The salvation precept is stated plainly in Josh6:25 --"And Joshua saved Rahab the harlot alive, ...because she hid the messengers which Joshua sent to spy out Jericho." The allegory says she had the faith, Jas2:25, to oppose and defy her whore of Babylon worldly culture!

    A great man of God was ole Moses,
    from his head all the way to his toes'es
    The Law that he gave us, allowed Jesus to save us,
    So we'd come up smelling like roses!                                        Limerick

Consider the Egg

Consider, if you will, the egg: and how it's good to eat,
whether sunnyside or scrambled, it surely is a treat...
Hard-boiling it will keep it from making such a mess,
and everybody knows you can't return it to the nest.

Consider, if you will, the egg: and its astounding age,
Only three weeks from creation, it begins the chicken stage!
First it must escape the plate, and other gruesome deadly fate,
But victory is very sweet to eggs which have no hands or feet.

Consider, if you will, the egg: and how it's like a seed,
With all that gooey mess inside becoming a new breed.
The yolk and white together forming fuzzy little chicks,
So kids the world wide over can rejoice and get their kicks.

But only if the Rooster has equipped the egg for life,
Otherwise the egg is only fit for fork and knife.

Consider, if you will, the egg: in all its rounded glory,
but if the egg is on your face, that's quite another story.
The blood of Christ is offered: eternal life is true,
Read all about it in the Bible, or get prepared to rue...

You'll kill the chick if you pry open the shell for it --
w/o the struggle and exercise, the chick will die!

As "seeds", mankind can be planted in the grave but will arise in the resurrection, assuming they really do contain that new life, and in this sense the seeds are pregnant; whether male or female. Jacob's trouble. It's a logic which agrees with how Jesus is the "seed" (John 12:24, 1Pet1:23) whom God planted on the earth for the purpose of obtaining and gathering a harvest of sons and daughters. This poem aims at the comparison between seeds and eggs, emphasizing how unfertilized eggs will never develop life or become caviar, but are only good for scrambling. Figuratively it applies to individuals who refuse to accept the whole truth of what Jesus said, and how his blood on the cross is crucial for eternal life.

Click here for more about the blood covenant.

The Crossroad...

At every crossroad there's a sign, directing left or right,
and when the wrong way beckons, the sign's a welcome sight.
Those who know the way by heart don't pay it much attention,
But if you're lost, the Holy Cross will lead you to redemption.

Two by two they entered the Ark, a vessel of haven to them,
Two by two he sent them out, to tell the world about Him.
It takes two to tango, sure enough, and also for a marriage,
Two witnesses in Scripture are the Truth that men disparage.

"If I be lifted up", he said, "I'll draw all men to me"..
That's why we speak about the Truth nailed down at Calvary.
Two holy legs, two holy hands, because by two it's decreed,
When you haven't a leg to stand on, your truth is sick indeed.

If your story won't hold water, then we look at it askance,
But Scripture is the holy water that makes us sing & dance.
The kind of bread that's very dry without a single drop,
But with the Holy Spirit it's the "two" that makes a sop!

The subject of TWO is best understood in light of Gen41:32 "by two it's established". The animals went into the Ark by two's, and Jesus sent out the seventy by two's. The two are frequently reciprocals (heaven/hell, love/hate, angels/devils) but more often are used in comparison or analogy: two tablets, two pillars, two mountains, two dreams, two spies, two Covenants, two baptisms, two kingdoms, two resurrections, two Jerusalems, two witnesses, two brothers/sisters, etc.

The pragmatic view will appreciate how it takes two lines for parallel, two dots for distance, two subjects for comparison, and two lines of sight for depth of vision. We often hear "You can't fly on one wing" or "waiting for the other shoe to drop", and Amos 3:3 asks "Can two walk together except they be agreed?"

Critics and novices who haven't studied or observed the subject of the Two's in Scripture sometimes object to the "two accounts" of Adam's creation in Genesis 1:27 and 2:7, or to the repetitive accounts in Kings/Chronicles and the Synoptic Gospels. The study gives us a new awareness of the verse "..if any TWO of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them". Mt18:19.

If you don't understand about the Two's, can you ever hope to grasp the Three's?


ELIJAH, and then ELISHA, were two prophets chosen by God,
They followed one after the other, but not like two peas in a pod.
The differences between them were substantial; they weren't alike at all,
Except in their duty to God, and in the way they obeyed His call.

ELIJAH would call down fire--be careful what you say or do,
'cause he would prove that God is real, and make it hot for you!
Elijah takes it on himself to see that things get done..
He does it in the name of God...they didn't yet know of the Son.

But he's always very hungry, and gets fed miraculously,
by the ravens and the widow, and the angel by the Juniper Tree.
The Word of God hadn't yet been born when Elijah walked the earth,
and his hunger would not be abated until the spiritual food came forth.
So when his job was over and his replacement was on board,
he threw his mantle to Elisha, and into the heavens he soared.

"If you see me taken up", Elijah told Elisha,
"then the double-portion that you've asked, is granted.."
Sure enough, he got his wish, 'cause he saw Elijah go,
and he received the thing for which his heart had panted!

Now ELISHA was completely different--he didn't use fire at all!
It was water that he specialized in; and he had a servant at his beck and call.
He had no trouble with food--he healed it, and caused it to grow;
His double-portion of the Holy Spirit cured all manner of woe.
The power of the Spirit in Elisha went deep into his bones...
When a dead man accidentally touched them, he raised right up and ran home!

ELISHA was a white headed "eagle" of God, that the Children all thought of as bald,
They couldn't bear to be civil to him, so he suffered them to be mauled.
Now the Children of this generation are still cruel when they don't understand,
But with teaching and training they'll grow up to know not to build their house on the sand.

Elijah was like John the Baptist, whose ministry introduced Christ,
and Elisha was a type of Jesus, who brings us the Living Water of Life.
Together they're yoked to the Chariot of God--they're two birds of a feather..
It's the OLD TESTAMENT and the NEW TESTAMENT, spiritually harnessed together!

There's more to this story than can be told in verse, and more than meets the eye,
If you ever expect to contend with the horses, don't look for pie in the sky.
The Chariot of Fire that came "after" Elijah, is the spiritual vehicle of God,
To bring us the secrets of Scripture, and show how our feet should be shod.

Devoted christians shudder at reading how the two she-bears tore the "children" after Elisha cursed them, 2K2:23, but the Hebrew word for children is "naar" (youth), the same word as used for the brothers of David in 1Sam16:11. They were scoffers, telling him to "Go up" (as Elijah had done) and thereby prophetically ridiculing the Rapture. This emphasis on children should remind us how scripture addresses the entire nation of Israel as "Children of Israel".

KING OF BABYLON - Daniel 1-4

KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR was kind of like Babylon he was the Head,
He ruled the people with a mighty hand, and brought them there to be fed.
Daniel and his 3 companions didn't like the food that was served at his table,
so they got special permission to eat only 'pulse'..
(at least that's what it said on the label..)

They seemed to get smarter and wiser on this special kind of food,
Except for the time they were thrown in the pot, and themselves were almost stewed!

KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR almost had a seizure when Daniel told him his dream..
The man made of metal got him very unsettled--it was a sight unlike any he'd seen!
The heads of gold and silver and brass, walked on feet of iron and clay..
It was a totally new kind of body to him, and it nearly ruined his day!
It was kind of like Humpty-Dumpty, and all on account of a Stone...
The terrible image that went all to pieces, would in the latter days be known.

KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR had all sorts of leisure, and he made a special decree,
that when he played his music, nobody could disagree.
He'd made a golden monument, sixty cubits high,
and he ordered the people to bow to it, or by fire they surely would die.
The 3 Hebrew children absolutely refused: they said to his face they would NOT,
so the king ordered the fire stoked, and for them to be thrown in the pot.

They went into the fire, but for sure they didn't burn; the fire didn't even harm their clothes!
God was with them in the pot and for them it wasn't hot, but it burned up all those other foes!

KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR was a funny old geezer; in Babylon he ruled all the land..
and finally God sent Daniel to tell him it wasn't simply by his own hand.
The ax would be taken to his roots, Daniel said..(telling the king he was a tree!)
and when he'd been taken down a notch, maybe then he would agree.

It wasn't completely hopeless, he said -- a root would still remain,
and after a period of probation, the king would be restored again.
It all came to pass like Daniel said, and to make the story short...
KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR finally took pleasure in giving God a glowing report!

City of Enoch - Genesis 4:17

A diller a dollar, a 5 o'clock scholar was studying the Word of the Lord,
When all of a sudden he noticed some things that would keep him from ever being bored.

The City of Enoch, he noted, was built by the son of Cain..
How many people were there to help (?), Is something that was never made plain!

A diller a dollar, the 5 o'clock scholar wondered why not give the city a name of its own..?
There were plenty of names that weren't already taken: like Paris, or New York, or Rome.
A name like Enoch would just be confusing, and you'd have to stop and think...
Is it the man or the City of Enoch that's meant? Is this city to Babel a link?

A diller a dollar, the 5 o'clock scholar noticed something else that was strange..
That the Enoch who "walked with God" had copied this very same name!
"Why would he do a thing like that?", he thought, "What was so great about the name Enoch?"
Did using that name help him walk with God? Or was that city especially scenic?

There is a name that's above all others; and the name of David is used for a city..
But many folks don't know the Way; they've lost the directions...more's the pity.
The City of David is the City of Love -- it's the city named Bethlehem..
But the city we're looking for today is called "New Jerusalem"!

A diller a dollar, the 5 o'clock scholar heard the chimes that came from the tower,
He'd been so engrossed in his studies, he hadn't realized it was the eleventh hour.
The way to get to this City, he'd learned, was to start out by walking in love...
and then to begin eating the Living Bread that was sent down from God above.

The story of Enoch as told in Genesis 5:24 leaves us hanging. We wonder: Where did he go? Not until Jude 14 speaks of "Enoch, the 7th from Adam" are we provided a crumb of a clue which brings awareness of the two Enoch's and two Lamech's and the generation count which eventually leads to David #33 and to Jesus #66.  GENERATIONS

Brain Train Bob Smith, Foreman AR, 5/94

It doesn't have to use big words or veiled innuendo,
Nor does it have to meter up enlightening crescendo.
But poetry should teach, or pose premeditated thought,
Making clear with words so dear, what everybody ought.

The lines don't have to be so long, but when it's just a dabble,
My train comes to a Crossword and turns into a Scrabble.
It doesn't have to use clichès, like "Beauty is as Beauty does",
But the eye of the beholder shouldn't always fill with fuzz.

It doesn't really have to have a punch-line or a grabber,
but poetry that doesn't rhyme has a tendency to blabber.
Even so, Poetic License is like the exception to the rule,
The fun of saying it diversely is our most portentous tool!

The subject of the rhyme is like a trip from here to there,
Hopefully the journey doesn't leave you in the air.
Of course when it leaves you laughing, you'll probably be back..
To say the poem o'er again, and get the train back on the track.

Free Verse

The train was high and lifted up as it clickety-clacked noisily past the putrid stench of the Sioux City stockyards and hastened on its long vicarious journey with its thirty-nine cars in tow. No man had ever seen this train at any time, but it fairly shrieked and thundered its pervasive presence to the small communities that flashed by periodically. Along its route they flinched and muttered as the unswerving and implacable beast rudely proclaimed its arrival with shrill decibels of warning, followed by rattlings and shakings, and finally low rumblings of farewell. Never had there been a train exactly like this one, with its potpourri of strangely configured cars that attested to its widely scattered origins and unique personality. Fact and fancy and foolishness were mingled in time from the outrages of Pearl Harbor and Vietnam to the heady elation of recent times over the quick win in the Persian Gulf, but just now the train filled the temple with thoughts of the journey's conclusion at the end of the silver cord. This was a chimerical and semiotic train that couldn't be tangibly touched or seen, but which carried the ubiquitous (everywhere) and sempiternal (always) soul of man; and nobody rode this train without getting his ticket punched. Isa6:1, Ecc12:6.

A Pregnant Virgin - 2Cor 11:2 & Gal 4:19

The first virgin birth was to a woman named Mary,
and now it applies to any Tom, Dick, or Harry!
"Christ formed within you" may start out quite small,
but the Seed of the Bible is for one and for all..

"Christ Formed Within You", but your tummy stays thin,
As you learn to be holy, and refraining from sin..
Fasting and praying and reading His Word..
Nine months travail and His Voice will be heard!

"Christ Formed Within You" is the pregnancy pattern,
and virgins who are wise will have oil in their lanterns. Matt25
"Christ Formed Within You", but your belly won't grow..
Instead, it's your future and your Life; don't you know?

"Christ Formed Within You", He's the real 'Mr. Right', Isa54:5
His yoke is easy and his burden is light,
The baby will want the milk of the Word -- 1Cor3:2, Heb5:12, 1Pet2:2
You'll know him as Truth when your heart strings are stirred..

"Christ Formed Within You", when you"know" him as Lord. Gen4:1, 19:5
The opinions of others (homo sapien) will leave you unscored.
Josephus or Whosis may be respected or loved,
but nothing's more surety than the Word from above.

"Christ Formed Within You", and you'll sing a New Song.. Ps33:3
About the glory of heaven where you now belong. Eph2:6
'Til then you'll be Eager with all of your might.. Ecc9:10
Telling others of Jesus and the Father of Bright. Acts26:13

A virgin like Mary says “Be it unto me” on this earth, Lk 1:38
Then Christ formed within her ‘til that wonderful birth. Col 1:27
Now we are like Mary when we say the same..
The Great Name of Jesus is the key to this game. Phil 2:9

When you’ve had enough milk, you’ll be wanting some meat,
You’ll be needing it then, to withstand the ‘heat’ .. Ps19:6
3 years with Jesus and the ‘Twelve’ still didn’t know,
The Holy Spirit was given so we’d continue to grow. John14:17

The Bible tells about that fantastic miracle of the virgin birth, but how many of us recognize a deeper truth which goes beyond...? Like how the New Testament tells us to let Christ be formed IN US, as Mary illustrated!

Did you say "I never heard it like this before" ??
Well then, maybe you ought to check it out in your own Bible!

The Solomon Decision Bob Smith, Foreman AR, 11/94

Solomon's Decision: To cut the babe in half!
We're horrified at such a gross incision..
At first we think: "How could he!" ?
It's a blow below the belt..
But second thoughts of the conclusion
reveals how wisdom's dealt.

The Mother's true reaction: To let the baby live!
Even if the care of him, wasn't hers to give..
And maybe she could visit, or see him now and then,
Especially when she told him that she had known him when...

Solomon's Decision: To cut the babe in half!
Sheep & Goats no longer such a blend..
Mankind separated like the wheat & chaff;
By the special Sword of Truth whom God did send!

In the devil's territory...yet we're not alone,
Surrounded by the Tares, but soon we're going home.
One mother was the real one; the other was a liar...
Now that we are full grown, get ready for the fire!

The Godly wisdom given to Solomon supports the allegory of how mankind is both wheat and tare's, and is being raised in the devil's territory.


For sure it's not the brightest Star,
but it's the tried and true..
Who leads the wise men to the North,
just like He'll do for you.

The Word of God is Jesus,
He's the Vine & Light & Star,
Who leads the Way to Bethlehem
for the True Bread from afar.

Jesus says he's the 'bright and morning star', Rev22:16, and "Sirius" (aka Dogstar) may come to mind, but could the planet Venus also be in the running?

Salt of the Earth Colossians 4:6

Salt is for flavor, it's the Lord's spice of Life,
And during a freeze, it helps melt the strife.
Salt makes you thirsty, so watch what you say..
It makes it more buoyant and lifts up your day.

Salt is for curing, to preserve right perspectives..
When used in a cut, it stings forth invectives!
Salt is for healing, or for scouring clean..
And a salty demeanor should never be mean.

Salt softens the water, can be used in a pinch..
And a saline solution makes seeing a cinch.
Salt is a crystal that always rings true,
*And changes conduction in a chemical brew.

A sprinkle of salt for the tail of a bird,
or over your shoulder to see fate deferred.
A shaker of Salt, but don't over do it..
A Dead Sea comes forth if you misconstrue it.

A Covenant of Salt, and don't forget pepper,
It's not to be sneezed at: the spiritual leper.
Salted and swaddled, each one in his turn,
With passionate fire his candle to burn.

Oceans of hydrogen, stuff that goes "boom",
Heavens of oxygen for the flaming of doom..
Combustible matter, one spark will ignite,
Just as soon as the Salt's gone,
they'll all see the Light!

It's well known that water is an excellent conductor of electricity. Keep appliances away from bathtubs! Not so commonly known is that when extreme filtering removes all traces of salt, the water can become an insulator used to cool magnetrons in high powered radar equipment.


Oh fools and slow of heart, to believe all that Jesus has spoken,   Lk24:25
Don't you know he's the True Bread that for all of us was broken?   1Cor11:24
If you love me, "Feed my sheep", he said; he didn't mean with hay,   Jn21:15
Because His words are spirit, it's the Truth that we must say.   Jn6:63

The Rock that poured out water is now the Book that we must eat..   1Cor10:4
The Stone that they rejected is now the Way that guides our feet.   1Pet2:6
The seals are being opened so even the learned can comprehend,   Isa29:11
How the holy grounds of God and wife are truth that is a blend.   Isa54:5

O fools and slow of heart to believe the Word that God has sent...   Matt6:30
When will you start to pay attention, and understand what's meant!   Matt13:52
The language that once was confounded is starting to come unglued,   Gen 11:7
So those without the Armor of God, are apt to be caught in the nude!  Eph6:11

(Chapter & Verse notations aren't meant to be a hindrance, and don't necessarily apply directly, but are provided to help readers consider the context of the logic.)


The fiery finger of GOD wrote The Law
in the tablets of stone,
And once a year the blood of a goat
did for their sin atone.

That Old Covenant they had was for
the purpose of teaching a lesson,
and now we have a better deal,
'cause the blood is real,
and we're no longer guessin'!

The gentle finger of Jesus wrote the
Law of Love in the dust on the ground.
His forgiveness of the woman adulteress
was an act of this truth so profound.

He was the one who became the goat for us,
and also the ram in the thicket..
He is the Lamb that covers our sin,
and gives righteousness to the wicked.

The literal truth comes first,
and leads to the abstract truth of the poet,
And the things recorded in His Book
have a deeper meaning: Don't you know it?

It may not be just what you think,
because the language was once confounded,
But it will surely enlighten your eyes,
if your brain hasn't been impounded.

"How do I know what I think, until I see what I say?", asked E. M. Forster (1879-l970). Writing it down is like the handshake to a verbal confession. Deut17:18 required a king to make a copy of the Law. Now, in the 20th Century, we can all have our own copy, and be kings and priests able to minister in our own temple.


The Beautiful People, so suave on the tube,
Condescend their intellect down to the rube..
So the kids all admire the experts on vice,
and learn to disdain the Gospel of Christ.

It's "very irreverent" they tell you with glee,
as they amble the road to eternity.
No thought about Holy, they thrive on risqué,
Garbage tongued sewers who
don't know the Way.

With sly innuendo and gestures profane
Examples for children to mimic the same,
Saying it's cute to fornicate some, 'cause
they'll never be judged by the Holy One.

Laughing and joking, but all to their shame..
Do they really imagine they haven't the blame?
No thought for the error, but plowing ahead..
Ignoring the cries of the sick and the dead.

The Beautiful People, so smart and so clever,
Praised now by many, but it won't last forever.
The Lord's soon returning, there'll be
gnashing of teeth,
by the ones who have caused us to have
all this grief.

The Red Thread..

"I and my father are One", Jesus said, and He was the WORD (in the FLESH!)

The red thread holds the story together and leads us to Righteousness..

Hiding the Word in your heart, Like Rahab hid the two spies.. Ps119:11/Josh6:25

May get you "saved" to the Chapter of Faith, or for "running the race"--a Prize!

Don't holler 'non sequitur' my friend, when you don't follow the thread..

After Rahab was saved by Joshua, 6:25, she took that Salmon to bed!

Tracing the father-to-son generations from Adam to Jesus, is an exercise in spiritual logic from the Holy Ghostwriter!

Riding it Out! Psalm 107:23

All hands on deck, We're shoving off, The Admiral says we must...
Cast off all lines, Secure the ship, And knock off chippin' rust.
Now set the Special Sea Detail and batten down the hatches,
Heavy weather's on the way.. Your sleep will be in snatches.

We're making turns for 20 knots, the wind is off our stern..
Sea birds fly through blustery sky, then wheel in their return.
The scudding clouds and swelling sea are making angry symphony,
White capped waves and salty spray are everywhere the eye can see.

The deck is pitching 'neath our feet, the generators humming..
The strident wind is picking up, and all the lines are strumming.
All flags are flapping furiously, a rata tat tat tat,
The horizon's getting hard to see -- We wonder where we're at. ??

"Now hear this", the Captain said, "The worst is yet to come!"
This isn't only scuttlebutt -- It's a hurricane that's young!
Mind your rudder! Do it smart! Green water's at the bow..
Look sharp to port and starboard, Hey! You lubbers, Do it NOW!

Steady as you go there, Mates --Now the wind is on our quarter..
Check the bilges! Man the pumps! Let damage control reconnoiter.
Oh the ship is reeling crazily.. We're tossed from stem to stern
Sheets of spray keep blinding us.. Our prayers to God are turned.

The howling wind, the surging gale, the ship in tempest flailing,
And all the crew with naught to do, in agonized bewailing.
Then suddenly, the sea is calmed! The eerie quiet is unnerving!
Every man then searched his soul, for the God that he was serving.

The bosun's whistle sounded shrill, piercing every ear..
"The smoking lamp is lit", he said,so we could calm our fear.
"Now hear this", the Captain said, in familiar old refrain..
We're only temporarily calmed, In the eye of the hurricane!

So lash down everything in sight.. We aren't yet done careening,
Make doubly sure the ship is tight, Then we'll continue on our steaming.
There's eighty fathoms down below, And Davey Jones's locker's low,
So every man who can must row... Or walk on water--Don't you know!

Boring Ballet

Doing nothing is a bore!
I hate it when it rains galore..
Doing nothing makes me sad..
I've got to stop it, or go mad!

You must do this, You can't do that,
Study how "Sic 'em" differs from "Scat"
My span of attention is 3 score 10,
I sure don't want to do it again!

Bored to death and bored to tears
Like counting sheep for 40 years..
Perchance to sleep, perchance to dream
Soon to be running out of steam.

Plowing up the same old sea
isn't what it used to be..
I'm looking out for something new;
Like pirouetting in the stew..

The God that never changes has
given us life that grows..
To be on stage in the heavenly body
We'll have to be up on our toes!

Rest My Case - Heb 4:9

Beyond the shadow of a doubt,
The habeas corpus you can't flout..
The White Throne Judgment is a must
and the only acquital is for the just.

The corpus dilecti is here on earth,
(he left it behind so we'd know..)
There's definitely been a crime committed,
Mankind had better look out below!

The Rulers of Darkness, had they but known,
Would never have smitten the Seed that was sown..1Cor2:8/1Pet1:23
They went and killed that innocent Lamb,
Not knowing he was surely the son of "I AM".

Two Testament witnesses will be at the trial,
(Prima facie evidence the world knows..)
His Will and Last Testament shown to the court
The INHERITANCE denied to all foes.

The principal accused is the Devil.. his
bloody head failed the DNA tests..
The many accessories to his crimes
will be known before Defense Rests: Heb4:9

The Counselor tells the Body of Christ
not to fear for the Head up above..
"Faith is the Evidence" we've been saved
and IN HIM we're walking in love.

The High Court will soon be convening..
Nobody's excused from this docket..
You'd better retain the Advocate Son
'Cause He's got the Judge in his pocket!

habeas corpus: a summons or subpoena to appear before the court.
corpus dilecti: the basic fact to prove the commission of a crime/victims body
prima facie: the first view or appearance


You don't believe the Bible? Well, that's okay with me...
Go on and do the ostrich trick; You'll regret eternally.
Because you do not understand, you've chosen to ignore,
Maybe it's because you haven't studied on the Door.

It's not a door that's made of wood -- it doesn't swing on hinges,
Your fate depends on what you would, and it's a fate that cringes.
There isn't any other way, you can't go 'round the back...
So if you're reading something else, your trust is in a crack.

It's not a door that you can see, except in your mind's eye..
Think of getting into heaven, and the fact you're going to die.
Right now the Door is open and the Welcome mat is out,
So you can always leave again, if you still have a doubt.

This Door is automatic when the name of Christ is named,
Everyone who enters finds release from all their shame.
There'll come a day when it will close, and time will be no more,
If that Day comes and you're outside, don't blame it on The Door.

   "..Let US go down and confound their language...", Gen11:7. Most take this to mean the beginning of different languages and geographic colloquialisms, but figures of speech (including metaphors) may play an important part too. Read about more than 200 "Figures of Speech used in the Bible" by E.W.Bullinger (Baker Book House).

Who is "US"? Could it be the same folks Jesus referrred to as "we" in John 3:11? God came down on the mountain, Ex19:11, and Jesus came as a baby, and the Holy Ghost as a wind: they came in succession. Bible students may appreciate how the word "succeed" is found uniquely in Deuteronomy 25:6.

Very, very, trying

Shoo In

A horse is a horse of course, but a fiery horse is harder to shoe!

A horse that's on fire is a sight to inspire and won't ever be sold for glue!

To be amused, or else to muse, is sublime beyond all question,

To be a horse, or ride a horse, is a matter quite equestrian.

When you saddle up too seriously, you may be riding for a fall,

So take time to see the lighter side, and have yourself a ball!

A Season for Reason

Just in time for Christmas

    Everything's in place..

Season's Greeting's Everyone

Until we see His face

            Soon He will be coming..

Christmas Tree who died

How He'll be rejoicing..

Returning for His bride!

        I'm holding Jacobs Ladder tight

        Seeing our elopement night lead

To honeymoon's delight!

This "acrostic rhyme" is a different style from the many alphabet (22 ltr) acrostics found in the Old Testament, and not only because it's in English instead of Hebrew.


A truth that won't hold water
is like a 3-dollar bill,
It hasn't a leg to stand on,
It won't fly, or fit in the till.

How do you tell if it's bogus?
Is it truth?..or is it a lie?
We all know about hocus-pocus,
Illusions seen by the eye.

Truth's not always what it seems;
To fiction it's no stranger..
On the Cross hangs all the Truth:
The Lamb born in the manger.

A vessel who's the Spring of Life,
The Truth nailed down in fact..
A Light that fills your being
till you don't know how to act!

The Truth was planted like a seed,
in the womb and in the tomb..
Two witnesses of truth that grew
to save us all from doom!

John 19:32 "Then came the soldiers, and brake the legs of the first, and of the other which was crucified with him". (Helps to separate the thieves from the malefactors). Not having a leg to stand on means your argument is w/o merit. amen?


Don't despise your birthright!
or sell your soul for beans..
You have a right to be born again;
despite the devil's schemes.

God's mercy endures forever,
but you don't have so long..
Why not take a day or two, to
learn a brand new song?

Think of it as a longshot..
that could make you very rich!
A God that heals & cares & loves,
if you'll just listen to His pitch.

Forget it, if you're not Sincere,
Your prayer won't reach unto his ear..
But if you're one to keep a vow,
His Son's the light to show you how!

SPIRITUAL COMPASS Ps103:12, 48:2, 75:6,

As far as East is from the West, He throws our dirty linen..
Til then we just go round and round, and mostly keep on sinnin'.
But once you're at the South pole, the only way is Up,
So when you hit rock bottom, don't forget Communion's Cup..

As far as East is from the West--you'll have to turn around...
To see your sins behind you, and seek the higher ground.
Once you're at the North pole, it's downhill all the way..
We'll see your smiles across the miles, a driving Santa's sleigh!

Sailing. 1Tim1:19, Jn6:21

If the storms of life have rocked your boat

and turned you all but loose,

And you're upset and mad at those

who've helped to cook your goose..

Remember you're a vessel too

Don't get shipwrecked in your mind,

Listen to some sound advice,

and to your ears be kind.

Your boat won't sink or even founder

If the Lord is there with you..

And you can choose!..He won't refuse

to join your motley crew..

The minute Peace gets in the boat,

you'll be on the Other Side..

Your sails of fortune soon will fill,

So you'll enjoy the ride!

John 6:21 tells us "they willingly received [Jesus] into the ship; and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went."  Can't you just picture the rooster-tail on that ship!

APRIL FOOL ! Prov15:8

Without Christ it's not Christian,
It's only tradition prescribed by the thinking of fools,
Unless you're obeying what The Word is saying,
you'll never be one of His jewels.

If you really believe it, you'll pay close attention,
not giving lip service that merely makes mention.
There's one day in April in honor of you,
who sit on the dunce stool instead of the pew.

Unless "It is written", it surely ain't fittin',
to pretend you're keeping his rules..
Don't bother praying if what you are saying
is a lot like the braying of mules.

"Wisdom is the principal thing", we're told,
so keep the horses in front of the carts,
Don't lead with a lie when the stakes are so high,
It's His TRUTH that's the genesis of smarts!

Read more about God's Jewels in the "12 Tribes" page.

Sorry, Lord

Busy, busy, busy.. there's just so much to do!
Hurry, hurry, hurry..I never will get through!
Busy, busy, busy.. I'm really in a stew..
Sorry, sorry, sorry.. I haven't time for you!

To tithe my time, to take a rest,
In my opinion, is not the best.
It's plain to me I'll never make it,
Unless I use both hands to take it.

I'll do it all, and by myself,
So long as I remain in health..
My mind and might are self-made much,
So I disdain religion's crutch!

Busy, busy, busy.. Time is short, I fear..
Hurry, hurry, hurry.. A deadline's drawing near!
Verily, Verily, Verily.. We have to count the cost..
Too bad if all the hurrying produces one who's lost.


Bob Smith, Catania Sicily, 8/87

The Sword of the Lord, and Gideon...conquered all of the foe
They took the Light in their vessels, and with the trumpets did blow!

The 300 men of Gideon quenched their thirst in the Water of Life,
Then they took up the Sword of the Lord, and delivered the Midianites!

The bread that rolled into the tent, shook it and laid it low..
That Bread was the symbol of Jesus: the Sword of the Lord that we know!

Now the Sword of the Lord has slain me, and laid my old spirit to rest..
It's the Spirit of Christ that's within me, and all that I'm doing is blessed!

I lived with the pigs long enough, and my Father was waiting for me,
With a ring and a robe and a fatted calf--and the blood of the Lamb for a bath.

I stripped off my old filthy garments--I was naked again in His sight,
Now I'm dancing and singing and praising my Lord, and I'm doing it with all my might!

Don't despise the worship of David; Don't look at him with contempt,
Or you'll wind up barren like Michael, and there'll be no fruit in your tent!

Don't say that you're trusting in Jesus, when you haven't read what he said,
'Cause the ones who didn't heed Moses, were the ones who were led by the dead.

Now the Sword of the Lord has cut me! All way to the quick!
And the Sword of the Lord has healed me! It's a 2-edged sword that I've picked.

It's the Sword of the Lord named Jesus; He's the Word manifest in the flesh..
He came to earth as a baby, to redeem me from unrighteousness.

The Sword of the Lord and Gideon, has laid my old spirit to rest..
Now I'm drinking the new-wine with Jesus, and putting his Word to the test.

"Come, Let us reason together".. "Prove me and see if I'm wrong"...
The Lord says that he is returning, and the signs of the time are quite strong.

So, take up the Sword of the Lord, and slay everybody you see..
The meat is for those who are hungry, and the milk and the honey are free!

Gideon's Army had trumpets in their right hand and pitchers in the other, so no room for a physical sword, but only the spiritual sword of Ephesians 6:17. Now we are chosen "vessels" when we let our light shine by proclaiming The Word. His three hundred drank the 'water' in fashion suitable for that special warfare.


Throw out that old leaven and old mouldy bread,     Josh9:5
and the way you've walked in the past.     Gen5:22

Be filled with the ‘water' from heaven,     Ps22:14
and get the new Bread that lasts.     Jn6:51

Be a vessel to honor, and filled to the brim,     Jn2:7
Walking in the way of the Vine;     Jn15:1

When He see's you're ‘In Him', he'll go out on a limb,     Col 1:27
and change your water to wine!     Jn2:11

Throw out that old leaven and old mouldy bread,     Ex12:15
Be filled with His spirit, instead,     Jn20:22

New-leaven is needed to make this bread Rise;     2Cor5:17
To meet the Lord in the air is the prize     1Ths4:17

Be a light in the darkness to show others the way;     Mt5:16
Like a lighthouse guiding the ships,     2Cor4:7

And when it's all done and the saviour has come,     Lk19:13
you'll be blessed as you cash in your chips!     Heb12:1

The New-leaven is "hidden-leaven", Mt13:33, and Jesus still does his first miracle of turning the water into wine, if you'll be a willing vessel filled to the brim with His Living Water! Bread won't rise w/o yeast and neither will you be rising to meet the Lord in the air if you haven't made him Lord. Col 1:27

A Certain Sprout, Lk20:9

A certain Man sowed a certain seed, and then departed hence,
But returned within a fortnight to build a certain fence.
Afterwards the certain sprout looked round about and thought:
Prison will be the death of me; Is this what God has wrought?

The certain sprout eventually grew up into a mighty tree,
Having branches very stout, in spite of gravity and doubt.
Still surrounded by the fence, and still bereft of any sense,
Thinking if the fence came down, he'd go a strolling into town.

Came the day the fence did fall, apparently for one and all,
The certain Tree was now set free (except for roots of misery)
To reveal her finest fruit, and a few pecans of course, to boot.
The certain Man returned and then...he gathered seeds to sow again.

How men are poetically analagous to trees is fundamental to Old Testament scriptures: Judges 9, Isaiah 5, 61. The New Testament carries along this theme with the emphasis on the fig and the olive tree in Mark 4 and Romans 11. Metaphorically the olive tree with its oil came first to light the way: a corporate Jewish tree which produced Christ. Then came the fig tree symbolizing the fruitful "times of the Gentiles". First Adam, then Eve. First the Jew, then the Gentile.

This poem is based primarily on the parables of "the sower who sowed the seed", from Mk4, Lk8, and Mt13. Also, note how Jesus must be the "seed" of John 12:24 and the seed and word of 1Pet1:23. He's the Vine and we're the branches.
I've included a kind of spoof of the word "certain" because of some teaching which claims this word keeps the story from being a parable. Not so, according to Lk20:9.


Have you been on the road to Damascus? Have you asserted your right to protest?
I don't fault you for not believing it all, but why haven't you taken the test?
"DO IT YOURSELF, IF YOU WANT IT DONE RIGHT", is advice my father gave me..
and anything as important as eternal life should be given a high priority.

So finally I've taken the bull by the horns, and set out to see for myself,
If this book called the Bible is at all reliable, or is it better left on the shelf?
My studies have ranged from the Hebrew to Greek, and to begin with was utter confusion..
But little-by-little the Light came through, until now it's a great profusion!

Were they saying it like this all along, and I just didn't have ears to hear?
I don't recall it making any sense at all--their point was just not clear.
I'd always thought it was the Preacher's job; Isn't that what we paid him for?
Though I never agreed that his word was for me, and I slept 'cause I was so bored.

He claimed that the things he preached were from the Holy Bible..
and I had enough sense not to argue with him--he might be infallible.
So I tried to read The Book for myself--the words from the Book of Life;
It was in my mind to do what it said, but I only got over in strife.

The things I read in Genesis didn't make good sense at all..
If God wrote this book, I decided, He just did it to get my gall!
But now that I've come to know Jesus, and the terms of the New Covenant,
I've seen that a veil was over the Old; that those ways were not permanent.

If God were real, I once reasoned, Would anything be too tough for Him?
No! So why doesn't he just announce his presence, and convict me of my sin?
I'm ready to take my punishment, or at least I thought I was...
Why did he wait till it got so great, and I became a lost cause?

The answers to these questions are now made clear to me,
And I'll try to spell them out for you--for your benefit, you see.
If your beliefs are like concrete: thoroughly mixed up and firmly set,
Then give this poem to a friend who hasn't been saved as yet.

Paul's trip on the Road to Damascus was for the purpose of exposing a lie...
But when that Great Light shined on him, he knew it was do-or-die.
It turned his life around, and set his feet on the street called "Straight",
and when the scales came off his eyes, he knew it was "Fish, or cut bait".

These days the Capital of Syria is still Damascus, and is in the news lately because of the revolution in that Moslem nation.. -- Isaiah 17 has prophesied concerning how Damascus would "no longer be a city, but instead 'a ruinous heap".

Shades of Hiroshima, you think?

The 66 Books of the Bible are the most challenging and profound reading ever written, but if you only know what Other People say about it, you'll miss a Great Blessing. Figuratively we're ALL on 'The Road to our Destiny', subject to change when we see the Great Light of the Glorious Truth of the Word of God. I can Tell you about the eleventh son of Jacob, and where to find eleven Joseph's in the Bible, but until you check it out personally, you really haven't been interrupted on the Road to Damascus like Paul.


Sometime's it's fitting to unravel the knitting
for those who don't get the drift..
We don't want them thinking we've only been drinking
and then to go away miffed.

I'm really dead serious this isn't deleterious
to the gospel preached by Paul..
I only know that the "foolishness of God", 1Cor1:25,
is a truth to be received by ALL.

A Little Poison

Just a little poison in a pot that once was clean
Is like a broken piston in a modern day machine.
Instead of running smoothly, it will not fly at all!
It violates the flagpole, or drives you up the wall.

Just a little poison in a pot without a crack
is like misinformation in a sacred almanac..
Separating truth from fiction isn't all that easy..
Wheat & chaff dividing takes place where it is breezy.

Just a little poison in a pot that doesn't leak,
is like without a paddle when you're up the muddy creek..
Like the fox that's in the coop, or the fly that's in the soup,
Is the lack of knowledge in degrees from Aesop's College.

Just a little poison in a pot we've grown to trust
Is like a little leaven in a loaf without a crust..
Unless you change the leaven, You've surely sealed your fate,
But then you have to eat it all; Be sure to lick the plate!

Yes, Amen!

Is the Pope Catholic?
Does a horse have four/fore legs?
Do Judges make their own decisions?
Doesn't even good wine have dregs?

If it isn't worth saying, why give it the time?
If it doesn't evoke thought, why put it to rhyme?
Whether it's funny and makes us laugh
(to be amused, that is..)
Or whether it educates the Musee,
It's either fiction or it's not,
But it's the Truth that sets you free!

It takes us 33 years (David's number) to reach our prime, and then it turns around! Why is that? Like the flowers that bloom and Sequoia's that last, our threescore and seven goes by in a flash..

Anyone for Flying?

Come fly with me and let us see
if the hold on this earth we can shake..

For just an hour, or maybe two,

a heavenly voyage we'll take!

Up through the clouds, escaping the crowds,
we'll look down through the rarified air..

We'll bank and we'll turn, and gravity spurn,
and for a while we won't have a care.

We'll soar and we'll swoop,
We'll dive and we'll loop,
With the wind in our face, so sublime,
On the wings of delight, up high where it's
bright, we'll throw caution away for a time.

And when it's all over and we glide down to
earth, where everyday troubles abound,
We'll remember the skies where intrepidy flies
In the face of those stuck on the ground.

The Other Gods

Let me set the record straight about the other gods...
Could they all be somewhat right? Do you know the odds?
Do liars sometimes tell the truth, is gravity a fact?
Listen carefully to learn: It's the logic that they lack!

Don't tread upon the Bible; our forefathers knew it well,
And framed the Constitution based on the truth it tells.
Of course the Law came first, so we'd know about refrain,
Without it there would be no cops, and calamity would reign.

Then came the Law of Liberty, the new Covenant of His Love,
To teach about forgiveness, and of the Good News from above.
Tempering the legal Law with Judges wise discretion...
So Children would become Adults who make the right confession.
That God was not endeavoring to spoil the "Children's" fun,
He was being a good parent, explaining how the race is run.

So we started as a nation ruled by "what is written",
But now ungodly Judges rule, and it surely isn't fitten.
What lunacy to outlaw the cornerstone of Scripture!
Now the structure's falling down--is that a pretty picture?

On hands and knees, over broken glass, they'd crawl for such a prize...
When all they really have to do, is commence to realize...
God is not a man to lie, and Jesus is his son,
If the gods are really legion, would you suggest another one?

"By two it's established", Gen41:32, and this applies to the God of the Bible, and the "god of this world", 2Cor4:4. Just the two. What about Dagon, Molech, Ashtaroth, Tammuz, Baal, etc? They aren't real but only graven images or impersonators of Satan. How intelligent people could bring themselves to kiss or bow down to objects carved by mortals is one of life's great mysteries. This poem aims at the fallacy and idiocy of giving lip service to the God of the Bible, while at the same time excluding it from school rooms. Not only is our nation filled with modern Pharisees and Sadducees who don't understand the true meaning of Scripture, but now we have the Advocates of Baal who would have us believe in another God or that all gods are equal. For shame!

A Bone for the Dogs

The Children's Bread shouldn't go to the dogs!
So a Bone-of-Contention's been thrown..
Religious factions all over the world
are claiming it now for their own.

The Gentiles are fighting over the bone,
and from place to place it gets carried,
but they haven't got all the meat off this bone,
and it's a bone that won't stay buried!

Feet of Clay Dan2:31

A baby is that "head of gold", so perfect, precious, fine,
The clay who is a gift from God, who reigns for such a time..
Next the silver arms of choice, decisions must be made..
This head is one the parents shape: it too in time will fade.

Thighs and belly made of brass, the ripening of the fruit,
Procreating, satiating; in search of life's best suit.
A time for this, a time for that; growing intervals of life,
Making/breaking, learning/burning, enduring nature's strife.

Mankind has run the human race this past six thousand years,
Now we're at the finish line and soon we'll hear the cheers!
Legs of iron, feet of clay; for walking with the Lord..
Telling good apart from evil is the knowledge Bible-stored.

Heating in the crucible, ceramics made of clay..
Life's furnace hardens our beliefs on each and every day.
Some vessels made to honor, and some to toss aside..
Gold & Silver, Brass & Iron, but the dross will not abide!

Not until the Apostle Paul wrote of celestial and terrestrial bodies, and the figurative "body" of the church, could we with hindsight appreciate the double significance of this dream. The "heads" were the succession of the kings of Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, and Rome. Similarly, a human body progresses from infant to youth, adult, and maturity: having 'feet of clay' (worldly reasoning) mixed with some truth and strength of the Word of God.

Joseph interpreted the Pharaoh's dreams of the cows and corn, explaining how it meant 7 years of good harvest followed by 7 years of famine. Not until recent times were we able to see how the 20 centuries of Old Covenant for the Jews (putting the bread in the storehouse: the Bible) would be followed by an equal period of time for the Gentiles to feed on this Living Bread; the Word.

Dressed to Kill....

Are you dressed to go to heaven? Are you wearing shoes to match?
Have you thought about what happens if the bride's bouquet you catch?
You'll have to kill the "old man" with the wicked heart of sin..
And let the story of the Christ bring out the hidden man within.

Not many know about the unique Joseph coat,
With many different colors worthy of our note...
His father made it for him, this garment highly prized,
And then his brothers tore it, so we'd begin to realize...

The garment God gave Jesus was a body "dipped in blood",
So the wicked acts of Satan would be surely "nipped in bud".
Any whosoever now, regardless of their race..
Can wear a Robe of Righteousness if they'll fall upon their face.

Are you dressed to go to heaven? Is the Garment of Praise a fit?
Warriors wear the Armor of God, and a smile that will not quit.
Some say you'll go there naked, just the way you came to earth...
But when I get that picture, I know why heaven's filled with mirth!

It wasn't his grandmother or a maiden aunt who provided Joseph with the coat of many colors--it was his father! A parallel, or prophetic illustration, of how Jesus came "in a body prepared", Heb10:5, to offer salvation to all colors and races of men. Just as that Joseph in Egypt was a type of saviour to his people, in providing them with bread, so Jesus came in his own time as the "true bread", Jn6:35.

The nakedness of the flesh is a reality for us to compare with spiritual nakedness. Adam & Eve got their eyes opened (fig. of speech) after they'd eaten from the Tree, and now we do the same when we become aware of the truth of God's Word. Initially they dressed in fig leaves (covering from the fig tree), but the LORD provided coats of animal skins -- a figure of the spiritual Robe which comes from the Lamb of God.

This poem stresses the comparison between literal and figurative garments, because teachers use examples and analogy to explain new subjects. Teachers who deny the allegories fail to recognize this tremendous race card, in the comparison of the coat of many colors with Jesus' body. Salvation is for any whosoever, no matter the color!

Didy Doll - Habbakuk 3:3

I made a doll from rags and straw that looked a lot like me..
I breathed the breath of Life in her, and then I set her free.
"Who are you?", she asked me, and "What am I to you?"
She had so many questions I was really in a stew.

She didn't know -- How could she? So I patiently explained,
She asked me where I came from, and I told her Brunswick, Maine.

She was doing lots of thinking, and I didn't want her drinking
'Cause changing diapers wasn't on my mind...
She didn't know from eating, so my answers were deleting of
delicious ways the body could be dined.

She only knew from talking -- very little about walking,
To speak of sex would not make sense to her...
It wouldn't be aberrant, 'cause she didn't know from parent...
I began to be quite sorry I'd created such a stir.

She didn't know -- How could she? So I patiently explained,
She asked me where I came from, and I told her Brunswick, Maine.
"Where is that?" she asked me, knowing nothing of our land,
I'd have to start at The Beginning, to make her understand.

Sincere and earnest people will ask "Where did God come from?" The flip answer is from Habakkuk 3:3 -- He came from Teman, of course. Hardly the answer they were looking for... The Jewish culture forbade questions prior to a certain age, and we do well to listen attentively to a subject before asking questions.

It's more profitable to begin with easier questions, like "Where did Melchisedec come from?" What did he do with the tithes he received from Abraham, and where were the persons he ministered to? How large was his congregation? Was the bread & wine he served a type or precept of N.T. Communion?

I've found it helpful to compare Melchizedek to the man with the drawn sword who appeared to Joshua, and to the man who wrestled Jacob, and to the 4th man in the fiery furnace. Mysterious figures in the Old Testament (theophanies or epiphanies) who teach precepts of the diversity of Jesus: Lamb, Bread, Vine, Light, Door, Seed, Word, etc. 1 Corinthians 10:4 tells us "that Rock was Christ".

A TIME TO RHYME by Bob Smith of Foreman

Poetry that doesn't rhyme is like the moon without the shine,
It's like the soup without the nuts, or the ifs & ands w/o the buts.
Even though it's picturesque, the words can't leave a poets desk,
Except the lines in sound agree, and make a perfect harmony.

The information contained in prose will make a poet hold his nose,
Even though the facts are true, its deadly dull will turn him blue,
He knows that when the words do rhyme, they'll listen nearly all the time.
And if a double-entendre isn't confusing, they'll find the metaphors amusing.

Poetic license is a permit to stray, like using sawdust instead of hay,
Poetic justice is life's desert, that you are served by those you've hurt.
As long as the sense and rhyme agree, no one can say "That's Greek to me".
It helps to guard from hearing it wrong, and may end up becoming a song.

Words will cut and words will mend, like a verbal two-edged sword,
Words that motivate someone to act are like the lion that roared.
When they cause us to turn other colors, like green because of greed,
We know it's because they went ear to ear, no doubt with vacuum speed.


People will object when it doesn't rhyme--you can't get away with "a stitch in time saves eight", or "thirty days has July". On the other hand, when you're "drinking from the saucer cause my cup has overflowed", they expect the accompanying line to say something about how your blessing's have been bestowed.

Ode to the Beauty Salon

Where, O Where, is my lady fair?
Is it really her, in the second chair?
She looks like she's been wired for sound..
With a 20th century helmet been crowned!

What, O What, is all the stir?
Is this where women buy allure?
It's Impermanent, of that we're sure..
From the top of her head to the pedicure!

O Why, O Why, did she have to dye?
And if it's burned I know she'll cry!
Now if the color's something fierce,
When she gets home, my ears she'll pierce!

O When, O When, does it ever end?
Are you sure her nails need filing?
And about that mudpack on her face...
It sure could use re-styling!

O How, O How, long will it be?
..Just cut it off above the knee!
Godiva looked good in her tresses,
And for sure it saves a lot on dresses!


by Bob Smith of Foreman AR

So many things they have to learn,
So precious is the time they burn..
We try to fill their questing minds
Instead of whipping their behinds.

To write their names and count the change;
On this the adults insist!
To cross the "T's" and dot the "i's"
The children, most all, will resist..

Now English, Math, and Chemistry
have been studied under duress..
Biology, Ethics, and History
Instilled by what teachers profess..

The apron strings are loosed at last--
they've learned their P's and Q's
Since life is not just nuts and bolts
They'll return to share their views..

The time has come to leave the nest,
To try on Life and meet the Test..
To show they're made of sterner stuff
Who'll overcome when the going's rough.

Now off they go into the world
that's filled with vice and sin.
Where liars, thieves, and wickedness
will lay it on their chin..

We know their honor can't be bought
If they learned the lesson that we taught..
There they go..against the foe
Armed with our loving advice..
Our hearts go too, with the special few
Who will name the name of Christ!

Moses Said: Psalm 90

Moses said "Threescore & Ten" would be the years of man...
He'd seen the Burning Bush, and heard directly from I AM.
He only wrote this single psalm, we might have passed it by,
But since he lived to sixscore, we stopped to wonder "Why?".

Moses said "Threescore & Ten"; We knew a score was twenty,
The fifty years he lived beyond, we realized was plenty..
Now 20 centuries are gone, and 10 are yet ahead..
Since Jesus died at Calvary and they counted him as dead.

Moses prayed we'd learn to count the number of our days,
And how a thousand years compares, in reckoning the ways.
The "Day" of Rest is almost here: Millennium No. 7,
Six Days for Man are near complete: Time to go to heaven!

Moses said we had a choice: he advised that we choose Life..
To serve the mighty God of Love, and reject the wicked strife.
He lived to see two Jubilees; to glimpse the promised land,
Back then it wasn't time to go; there was more to understand.

Moses said we ought to hear, a prophet much like him...
Sure enough, both babies came to deliver all from sin.
One floated down the river, the other as bread from above,
God wanting us to comprehend personification of love.

Moses prayed for the people, when serpents and fire consumed,
Jesus prayed in the garden, when the death of Calvary loomed.
These two were true! If I were you, I wouldn't wait another day..
Get right with God--Be Scripture shod, and then begin to pray!

Notice the pattern. Threescore, or three twenties, like in the 20 centuries since Christ ascended, preceded by the 20 centuries of Old Covenant for the Jew under the Law, and the 20 centuries of Genesis (pre-Law). We acknowledge the 10 centuries ahead (7th millennium) and see it as a "Day" of Rest for Christians. Readers today may notice how that bush of Moses compares to the TWO Presidents, GW41 and 43.

TRANSLATED - Colossians 1:13

There's no distance in the Spirit; I get there fully dressed,
Doors don't seem to matter and each time I come back blessed.
Airline strikes don't interfere and neither does the weather,
My luggage and my worries are all just lighter than a feather.

There's no distance in the Spirit; no transit time involved,
And how to get from here to there, is my continuous resolve.
To take the train or plane or bus, is always such a hassle,
The tickets just reminding me I'll have to leave my castle.

There's no distance in the Spirit; you're there immediately,
To visit places everywhere and folks you'd like to see.
Translated clear around the world; to cities near and far..
The worst of it is that I have to leave behind my car.

There's no distance in the Spirit, and time just goes away,
But when you get back down to earth, you know it's here to stay.
You notice you aren't tired; there's no dust upon your shoes..
'Cause the body had to stay behind, and it took a little snooze!


Heaven's Light, romantic sight,
Moon waxing way up high.
Silently the evening falls
with hushes from the sky.

A carefree breeze among the leaves
scatters flickered light
Quiet descends and modestly lends
itself to the coming of night.

The heat of day has blown away
and left a cooling balm,
Now heaven in all her majesty
becomes a David's Psalm.

Orion marches overhead as the
Dippers circle North,
Arcturus, Polaris, the Milky Way,
A host of stars come forth!

Lightning bugs begin to strobe,
A cricket chirps from hiding.
The far-off yapping of a dog
intrudes the quiet now abiding.

Not everybody knows the peace
of an awesome silent night.
Not everybody knows The Truth...
Reflected in Holy Light.

Heaven's Light, so cool at night,
Waxing and waning all year...
Could we ever Rest in Peace
if the nightlight wasn't near?

The 19th Psalm has but fourteen verses. Consider the analogy -- The first six verses concern the host of heaven, in contrast/comparison to the final eight verses emphasizing the majesty of God's Word.

Days of Noah

When the leaves change colors, then we know the time of year,
and when the men chase after men, the Lord's return is near. Rom1:27
As it was in the days of Noah, and in the days of Lot.. Luke17:28
The end is coming surely -- don't think that it is not!

This once-great Land of Liberty has become a Land of Shame..
Because our government officials have disdained the Jesus name.
Instead of ONE GOD whom we trust; We have to recognize them all!
And never-mind the Bible Way -- the IRS knows where the 'chips will fall'..
They live it high upon the hog, with pockets full of money,
Then 'take the 5th' and disappear, with blessings from their honey...

His Majesty claims 'Benghazi sound', even when he can't be found..
Except on TV or the links -- could be, he thinks the Oval Office stinks?
Stonewalling what he knows so well, and those who doubt can GTH,
A scalawag down to the roots, and now we see his kind of fruits!   Mt7:20

This once-great Land of Liberty is now a Land of Shame..
Since Political Correctness has stomped on Jesus name..
Handing out free 'goodies' to all of those who vote,
For Him it's only proper to keep his Ship of State afloat.

From the Sons of Noah to the Daughters of Lot, the Families of Scripture are a tale that is taught!
The Ark was taken away after The Noah Generation!


Sending all the world a message, everywhere you cruise,
About your special interest in issues making news.
Telling them in words succinct, your preferences and likes,
Bumpergram graffiti on the trucks and cars and bikes.

They don't all bear repeating, but some are pretty cute..
"God loves you, and I'm trying..", I think is just a beaut.
"I'd rather be surfing", or fishing or courting, and
"My other car is a Rolls", "My I.Q. test was negative",
says one, while others promote life's little goals.

Warning of how certain guns are such a deadly menace, and
Work is for the ones who never learned the game of tennis.
Advertising pretty [hot] places where infidels should go...
Telling those who love to ski, they simply must "Think Snow".

"Keep honking, I'm reloading", "Don't follow me--I'm lost",
The bumper banners often speak of modern Pentecost..
From Key West to Seattle taste these Interstate delights...
Everybody's views proclaiming First Amendment rights!

Lot's Wife - Genesis 19:26

If you would become a Pillar of Salt,
Repent! Look back, and consider your fault.
Then follow the teachings of Jesus,
believing He's who he said..
Forgetting the things that are past..
Reaching forward to what's ahead.

If you would become a Pillar of Salt,
Your wicked old ways must come to a halt.
Die to that old way of life!
Leave Sodom forever behind!
Get yoked together with Jesus
(Don't look back!)

It's the Way to get straight in your mind!

When Lot's wife looked back, God turned her into a block of salt! Sure taught her a lesson, didn't he? Was she sorry for having disobeyed? Excuse my sarcasm, please. We aren't saying God couldn't do it--nothing is impossible for Him, but why would a God of Love inflict such a bizarre punishment? And Jesus said "Remember Lot's wife", Lk17:62, confirming He knew what was written. Earlier, in Lk9:62, he had had cautioned: "No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God".

She had turned her head (a physical action), but "looking back" figuratively is something else again. Paul wrote: "Forgetting those things that are past..." Phil 3:13.

We must see her as a precept example of how Christians are to become the salt of the earth and pillars in their community. As the first person in Scripture to 'become salt',she epitomizes not only that we mustn't disobey God, but that He expects us to flavor the earth wherever we go.

"Whatsoever things were written aforetime, were written for our learning", according to Romans 15:4.

One Upsmanship

If you'd tell your dream to Joseph, he'd tell you what it meant..
But Daniel went 'one up' on him -- he'd tell you what you dreamt!
The DREAM and the INTERPRETATION are like the Old and New...
The Abstract and the Literal are both within our view!

Come on down to the real world and tell it like it is,
The test of actuality knows all about the monkey biz..
Water doesn't run uphill, horse races might be fixed,
The rabbit in the hat is slight of hand, and magic mixed.

Lots of people like to tell of wild and crazy dreams,
Imagination runs amok with surrealistic schemes.
From Picasso art to aliens; From mythology to fable,
Issues that we know aren't real, all get the abstract label.

Everybody speculates about the truth of what's unknown,
Arriving at solutions they can live with or condone...
But when the secret is revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt,
The person absolutely knows it's truth with major clout!

We've been created in the image of GOD -- can you imagine the circumstances in ages past when only the Book of Genesis was available, and the rest hadn't yet been written? Joseph was Vice President of Egypt. It seems they knew about Adam & Eve, and Noah and his family, and Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob. Surely the 4th generation of Hebrews would be Joseph, wouldn't it?

But, No, as the rest of the Bible unfolds it becomes clear that Jesus would be born to the Tribe of Judah, in the House of David. Rev5:5.

When the 12th son Benjamin was born, the name of Joseph took on a prophetic perspective: clearly his name and birth heralded his coming baby brother. But with the coming of the New Testament, a NEW perspective arrived!

A New Perspective! A different emphasis! Mary's husband would most likely have known what his own name meant -- it would be GOD who added the son (not himself, not Joseph), and the son's name would be Jesus!

The first Enoch and first Lamech were in the line of Cain which presumably perished in the Deluge. The second Enoch (7th from Adam) and second Lamech (9th from Adam) are among the first ten generations from Adam to Noah. All 66 names from Adam to Jesus are unique (no repeats) except for the second Jacob (63rd from Adam) of Matthew 1:16 of whom nothing is known except that he must've been Mary's grandfather.

This 7x9=63 correlation is one of the most astounding of Scripture!

A Question of Time, Ecc3

The question that is asked the most: we hear it every day,
"What time is it?", they want to know, and then they go away.
It's time for bed or time for work or time to feed the fishes,
It's time to take your medicine, or wash and dry the dishes.

Time in seconds, time in hours, so many freckles past a hair,
Depending on the Zone, or whether Daylight Saving's there.
Time is measured many ways, from minutes to the months,
Time is what keeps everything from happening at once!

A time to live, a time to die, a time for having fun,
Clocks and calendars alike, all scheduled by the sun.
Intervals that can't be hurried, will not be denied,
A season that we know is coming, as surely as the tide.

If there ever comes a time when time will be no more,
I wonder how we'll know to quit, or when it was before.
Do we hurry? Do we loaf? It depends upon the time...
Had we started earlier, we'd be finished with this rhyme.

The Devil You Say!

Strange wives and gods now fill the land
with language and customs we don't understand.
Because our religion was only veneer, we've
suffered the infidels from far and near.

Allowing them freedom to keep their own Ways,
To bite off the hand to the end of their days.
To bring in more like them--To multiply much,
To flout all our rules and churches and such.

Dividing to conquor, and making much fun, of the
Word that we swear on, which now is undone!
The majority rule by the Fathers that founded
is now taken over by the ungodly abounded.
Too late now for many, the harm has been done..
Except the Lord hurries, the devil has won!


No Daughters for Noah! ..and No Sons for Lot!
Scripture families are for connecting the dots..
Father-to-son until there's no more, but
Father-to-daughter may even the score.

Two sons for contrast--two paths of life,
Winners and Losers, each taking a wife..
The daughters are vessels for birthing the kids,
Passion and Pretty to help grease the skids.

From Abel and Cain, to Peter and Paul,
The families of Scripture a tale for us all..
Reading and kneading the Jesus hot bread,
Of Brothers and Sisters as the Father has said.

The Bible uses allegory about family in many of the tales; like how we don't have to be bio-related to be called brother or sister. Most people never stop to wonder whether the Virgin Mary had any brothers, or what difference it would make..

SPIES! Gen42:9

3-score and 10 is long enough for searching out the land,
To see if Heaven's Truth is something we can understand.
We're spying out the country: searching Heaven's shores,
Examining the Word he spoke, that every ear explores.

Those who spy out Paradise--the sober and vigilant sort..
Won't let Goliath scare 'em into making an evil report.
As the water that fills the sea, or a gunnysack of corn,
The knowledge of God is in His Book, so we can be re-born!

Those who've read the "corn of heaven", perusing every page, Ps78:24
Know it holds more than enough to satisfy the sage.
It tells us we must watch our words; that truth will set you free,
From thinking that your Daddy once swung from tree to tree!

The Old Testament could be called a Spy Novel -- Jacob accused his brothers of being spies when they came to Egypt with their corn money.   Moses sent out one man from each tribe to spy out the "Land of Milk & Honey" (2 of them; Joshua and Caleb, had a good report), and later it was Rahab who hid the two un-named spies.

"Ye are gods"

... Ps82:6

Oh really? How can that be?
I'm simply a mortal's jes' poor little ole me
I'm a wretched sinner, don't you know; I'm bad as bad can be..
but I know that I've been saved by grace, and have the victory.

So why don't you start to act like it, and get up off your face,
and learn the Word so you can be heard, instead of taking up space.
One reason you're a god, is because you have a voice.. but the
kind of god you are, is strictly a matter of choice!

You're meant to create the good things, and take dominion in the earth,
To be busy and happy and caring; to be filled with joy and mirth.
Not to wreck havoc and destruction; creating bedlam and despair..
but to live like the Son of God you are: upright, just, and fair.

Your mouth should be a fountain that is used to bless--not curse,
Use it to speak the words of life, instead of to make things worse.
Get rid of that evil talk that lies in the depth of your heart
and it'll change the way you operate, and give you a brand new start.

See yourself as the Bible says you are -- the righteousness of Christ!
A new creation with immortality, because Jesus paid the price!
You're a god who makes the blind to see, and raises up the dead,
and blesses people right and left, just like Jesus said! Jn14:12

Because of you the blind will see -- you'll open their eyes to the truth!
Because of you the dumb will speak -- they'll learn the words of couth.
Because of you the dead will rise, and become spiritual new-creations,
Because Jesus came to make you a god, with millions of new relations!

He put before us a banquet of words, in plain sight of our enemies,
It's a table full of goodies, just meant for us to seize.
He makes us creators, just like him, and gives us dreams and visions,
Now it's up to us to follow through and make those right decisions!

No punctuation in the oldest versions of Scripture -- maybe it should read
"Ye are God's!
Meaning you belong to him...?

Ducks in a Row 2Cor11:19

To suffer fools gladly is a daunting endeavor,
And I surely won't do it for long or forever..
A mistake now and then, or occasional lapse,
Is human, but keeping it up is for saps!

Everything in its place, and a place for all things..
Not knowing the Word(s) is what laziness brings!
Whether giving directions, or singing the song,
Not knowing the Truth is emphatically wrong!

The climb up the Mountain of Learning is tough,
and the slide down the Valley of Error is rough..
But unless you perspire at least eighty per cent,
Sound thinking is just what you gave up for Lent!

The computer goes tilt when the info is wrong
and if you're off key it just ruins the song.
The Mountain of Logic will certainly grow..
But for sure you must have your ducks in a row!

So my email name is "duxrow" .. O.K.?

Raising Cain !

Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, began Our "Walk" down Memory Lane,
These two names had started it all, and left a lot to be explained.
'Raising Cain' was what they did in the days before Abel was born', (Gen4)
Did they argue about a name for the baby? Or were they too busy planting corn?

Her husband was Adam -- now our Husband is Christ;
'The 2nd Adam', came with Salvation advice; (1Cor15:45-47),
Two Enoch's, two Noah's, but only one Eve, and she was the Mother of All. (Gen3:20),
She met up with the Serpent under the tree; which led to the Mankind Fall.

It all began after Abel was born, and the two boys started to wrestle,
Farmer Cain was plowing earth--brother Abel was herding sheep;
their occupations got them into a hassle, (Gen46:33 and 1Cor15:47)
The murder of Abel, made Cain a 'marked man', and exiled from his home..
The Law against killing not yet announced, and for a time he abided alone.

Cain got a wife from his sisters, and she birthed Enoch their son,
But the mother of Enoch was nameless -- to this day we haven't a clue,
It could have been Shirley or Susan or Joyce, or it might have been Mary Lou.
The mother of Jesus was Mary, and most of us know where we nursed,
To Honor our Mother and Father is known to us all as 'well-versed'.

The multiple names in the Bible are challenging in the extreme,
The Anna and Simeon Seniors were part of His welcoming team, (Lk2:36, 26)
Two special Joseph's, the Old and the New, are there for our attention, (Gen41:32)
Like Jacob the Old, and Jacob the New, who just barely gets a mention! (Matt 1:16)

The 'old man of the flesh', like Cain, vs the 'new hidden man of the heart', 1Pet3:4, is another example of being born-again.
"The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven". 1Cor15:47

Evolution is only a crumb from the scum, and never reveals where your ancestors were from,
But believing in Jesus and the Father he knew, will help to keep you from joining the stew..

Tree of Degrees

Little by little we take the land,
Wondering how to understand.
Babes and youth and adults too,
Forks of life are sorting through.
Chewing the cud of what it means,
Swallowing knowledge like turnip greens.

Little by little we grow and store
How two and two add up to four.
Digesting all the relevant fact,
Trying to keep the train on track.
Washing down the bread with wine,
Brings elation every time!

Step by step the tree is bent,
Shaped by learning's pure cement.
Inclined up to the higher ground,
Washed ashore by Thinking's Sound.
Adding branches; Some with fruit,
Settling down and taking root.

In time a haven for views to nest,
Little by little comes the Rest..
Storms have altered our physique,
And by degrees we grow antique.
So we who once were just a seed,
Have now become a different breed!

Fifteen Psalms (120-134) are headed "Song of Degrees". That's 10% of them, so it numerically correlates with the 15 extra years of life given to King Hezekiah who saw the shadow of the sun dial return 10 degrees. He saw "the shadow of the changing time". Compare Col 2:17

In celestial terms, 10 deg. = 40 min.


A House of Wisdom must have windows
or a way to let in light;
You can't be dwelling in a pyramid
or in the dark of night.

There needs to be a walk-way
that leads up to the Door..
An entrance for the honest hearts
who want to know the score.

The foundation must be on the level;
built by someone fair and square..
And the House of Wisdom built by God
is a house He wants to share..

It must be built upon the Rock
and not upon the sand,
And everyone who builds this house
has occupied the Land!

Ours is not to reason why, Ours is but to do or die..
Soldiers don't demand to know,
But once they hear, they up and go!
You have a mind, so use it! Don't trust what people say...
Begin to read it for yourself --Then get busy and obey!

"Wisdom is the principal thing", he
said, putting first things first..
Don't use inferior products, because
a stupid house is cursed.

Everybody builds a house, and some
to their destruction...
But the wisest place to live is where
you've followed God's instruction!


A point of light in point of fact,
Certainly catches the eye..
When it never seems to move,
we tire of watching the sky.

Other objects look like stars,
and often seem more bright..
But gradually they move along
until they're out of sight.

TRUTH is what we're looking for --
A star that leads the wise...
A point of light in point of fact
that leads to Paradise!

The light begins so very dim,
but gradually grows greater
As you focus in the Truth of God
and exercise your contemplater.

Astronomers say a convergence of planets cannot be found which would date the Star of Bethlehem and thus the date of Christ's birth. Besides, scripture doesn't say that the star was any larger or brighter than others.

We aren't certain of the exact year when B.C. changed to A.D. -- an error of four or even seven years is suspected. However, history cites 70 A.D. as the year Titus attacked Jerusalem and destroyed the temple as foretold by Jesus in Matthew 24:2. Seventy is a significant number in the Bible (threescore and ten); see 2Chr36:21, Isa23:15, Jer25:12, Dan9:2, and especially Ps90:10. If it actually happened just 37 years after Calvary (assuming Jesus died aged 33) then our calendar may be right on despite the change from lunar to solar and the Julian to the Gregorian.

The U.S.Constitution was signed Sept 17,"in the year of our Lord 1787" and that can't mean anyone other than Jesus of Nazareth.


The Angel Gabriel told him his wife would have a son!
All those years they'd waited, and now the time had come.
The baby was a gift from God who'd one day be a preacher
To lead the people to the Lord so they'd become new creatures.

Strange food, strange clothes, and odd behavior..
Why God would send a tiny babe to introduce the Savior!
Filled with the spirit from above; seeing the vision of the dove,
Immersing in water, getting them wet
Condemning their sins and making them fret.
This baby, like Elijah, would soon grow up to be
an example of a new name to go down in history!

It tongue-tied Zacharias--struck down by disbelief..
Until the day he named that name his dumbness caused him grief.
The new-name then was John--it hadn't been used before,
But now the name, above all others, is Jesus! He's the Door!

Now Our Head is up in heaven -- the Body's here on Earth!
A spiritual beheading that gives us all great mirth.
A story that's intriguing and never is x-rated..
From the Head that's up in heaven which has been decapitated!
He wants the Body to obey and carry out his wishes,
So we'll "be drawn from the water" too, like all the other fishes!

John the Baptist led the way, with his head on a silver platter,
The birthday party of Herod climaxed with that gruesome matter.
So the ‘Body of Christ’, (1Cor10:16), could know for sure ‘our Head’ was still intact,
And breathing fresh air in heaven upstairs, where flying is matter of fact!

Note: The name Moses means "drawn from the water", and Jesus called the disciples to be fishers of men. Soon we’ll be flying ‘round heaven, Ps90:10, like birds in the air.


In Ivory Towers, promoting their name..
Making great money, but all to their shame..
Without any morals, no thought for results,
Intent on the take from society's pulse.

Blasphemy, Sodomy, Dispicable acts,
To entertain kids with their violent facts.
Perversion, Seduction; any means to the end,
Cheating and mocking with filthy pretend.

Fat, dumb, and happy, and all on account..
'cause God's keeping track of the total amount!
Judgement Day's coming when we get our hire,
Then we'll be seeing their feet to the fire!


Adam named the animals: he called the leopard "Spots",
I wonder if he knew that it was God who called the shots?
Adam named the animals: he called the zebra "Stripes",
It isn't clear if he knew precisely all the different types.

Adam named the animals: he called the lion "King",
Maybe back in those days all the lions did was sing... (like Elvis?)
Adam named the animals, he called the hippo "Harry",
When you come to think of it, the hair was quite contrary.

Adam named the animals, and it was God who named the stars,
We need his expertise today, when it comes to naming cars!
Adam named the animals, and Jesus surnamed Simon Peter,
One upsmanship is still alive in humanities theatre.

Adam named the animals, he called the serpent "Snake",
Why he didn't crush him then was what started the mistake.
Instead, he let him worm his way into Eve's affection,
and now we all can read about the Genesis connection.

The poet who rhymes moon with June oughtn't to be more than 8 yrs. old -- it isn't worthy of an adult, except in unusual circumstances like in trying to make a point.

How intelligent was Adam? Scripture says he named all the animals even before Eve was ever created. He even knew enough to converse with God, so he might have asked what dying meant, when God told him about surely dying. Was it anything like roller skating?

Next question: Where did Eve get her understanding of the things she told the serpent? Is it possible that Adam led her astray? Isn't it an Old Testament principle for God to tell just one person, and for that person to pass it on?

WORDS Psalm 107:20

Good things to eat and not just from the store..
Word-eating people have a taste for much more!
It's not only the food for our belly and body,
Our mind must have also the mental hot toddy!

Words that are clever, Words that bemuse,
To give us directions, or tell us the News!
Words that enlighten, Words that inspire..
To ponder and wonder with mental perspire.

Words quite sublime, and even profound,
To start the gears turning and also astound!
Words most peculiar, Words that are sad..
That bore us or drive us infernally mad!

Words that are bitter, Words that are sweet,
Sometime's they even put wings on our feet!

We feed them to others; this food for the brain,
Proteins of thought to help run their train.
Scintillating, titillating, alphabet soup..
Expressions and phrases that we try to regroup.

We feed them to others--they feed them to us,
And sometimes it makes us so mad, we could cuss!
We don't like the taste, or the food "for the birds"..
And it's all so humiliating to eat our own Words!

In the logic of God THE WORD is THE TRUTH...
A kind of Bread for the Head
And after you're weaned from the Milk of The Word,
You'll need to start chewing instead..

The butter will come from churning the milk,
by mulling it over in thought,
We'll know you've swallowed the whale of a tale
When you say "Look what God has wrought!"


a bible study poem

Name it, claim it, frame it..   Deut28/Pr6:2

"Let the weak say I AM strong"   Joel 3:10

Those who know their Word of God   2Tim1:12

and know He's never wrong.   2Tim3:16

In partnership with Jesus..  Rom8:17

In New Covenant with God!   Heb8:6

Moses showed us all about   Ex7:15/Jn3:14

the omnipotence of the Rod.   Mic6:9

The God who said "Let there be light"   2Cor5:21

and also "It is finished",   2Cor4:13

Now tells us to express our Faith,   Mk11:23

so our rewards won't be diminished.   Heb11:6

It hasn't passed away, you know,   Heb13:8

The True Bread's still read daily..   Jn6:32

Wherever Bereans check it out   Acts17:11

It's toasted very gaily!   1Cor11:24

This manna's someone that we know!   Ex16:15

A baby that our God did sow    ..Isa9:6

So we could grow up knowing well   1Pet2:21

our sins won't send us on to hell!   Rom6:23

Name it, claim it, frame it..  Acts14:9

Let the sick say GOD is still able..   Mk5:28/1Pet2:24

The worldly 'god' layed it on you!   2Cor4:4

Your peace is what Satan has tabled..   Acts 10:38

Poor Job, Poor You, who haven't a clue..   Job 19:23

Hearing the Word is what you must do!   Rom10:17

You've shot yourself in the foot, old sport..   Eph6:15

By hearing and believing the evil report!   Num13:32

Of course, the issue is "Why do you believe what you believe"? And, don't you know what you don't know? Jesus would be chided as a 'Faith Healer' by many today, but he brought fulfillment to Exodus 15:26 "I am the God that healeth thee". He apparently never failed to heal anyone who asked, yet in his own hometown he could do no great works because of their unbelief.


We exercise our bodies, so why not exercise our mind?
Today we're dowsing for the water of a different kind.
It's not the water used to get you wet behind the ears..
The pouring out from heaven is meant to calm your fears.

Moses turned all the water to blood..
Back then the meaning was no clearer than mud.
But later we saw it was The Law he sowed,
Followed by death and the blood that flowed.

Now there's blood on your hands, and on your head,
If you've hated your brother and wanted him dead.
It's the mark of Cain from the sin of pure hate,
That brands fools and liars with a fiery fate.

The mark won't wash off, and it won't go away..
Until you dowse the water and change what you say.
His very first miracle turned the water to wine,
No problem for the Healer who is also the Vine.

He said for the vessels to be filled to the brim..
'Cause a wedding's a place where we honor Him.

When you say "I do", and covenant for His Name,
He'll wash you with this water, and take away your shame.
It'll open up the Door to God, so He can hear you pray,
You'll be so wild about the taste, you'll jump in all the way!

And when you are completely full, and altogether doused,
He'll change your water into wine, and you into a souse!
You'll soon become addicted and start acting like a drunk..
And all because the Bible has changed the way you thunk!

In his famous "Essay on Criticism", Alexander Pope (1688-1744) wrote "A little learning is a dangerous thing, Drink deep or taste not the Pierian Spring." This was about a hundred years after the King James Bible equated knowledge with drinking. Scripture refers to people as "vessels", "branches", "sheep", etc., and the Word isn't limited to "Water" --it's spiritual food and drink for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Mt5:6. It's words that we eat with our ears!

Qua-Train Lev17:11

You say you can't stand the thought of blood?
That the sight of it makes you faint?
Well, the timid and fearful must step to the rear--
a conquering Saint you sure ain't!

The blood is what keeps the good juices flowing,
so you'd better stop and think
How a portion of 'pulse' will nourish the soul
and help keep you in the pink.

"The life of the flesh is in the blood"
So why would you want to pollute it?
But Joy and Laughter and Pleasant Words
are the kind of medicine to suit it..

It's WORDS that will change your blood chemistry!
They'll make you blush or blanche..
If you're really listening to what is said,
and aren't sitting there in a trance.

The sounds that flow from the ears to the brain,
are like a train to carry the WORDS..
Unloading whatever you put inside -- including
those WORDS that are just "for the birds"..

If the words of men can do all that,
and cheer you up or make you feel bloated..
Just think what the WORD OF GOD can do,
if your train's not already loaded!

A disciple knows this for the first line of the 22nd Psalm, and for my money Jesus was calling attention to it so they could recognize the Golgotha scene. Earlier, he had said "When you have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he." Jn8:28. The crucify word isn't used in Ps22, but the piercing of his hands and feet, and the casting of lots for his vesture, definitely describes what happened at Calvary. There would be no question but that Jesus was the Messiah and the Resurrection and the Lamb of God. And finally, David's "complaint" in that psalm could now be recognized as prophetic.

Jesus was quoting scripture! They would know for certain who he was, when they read the 22nd Psalm. and put two and two together. And so it is today...


O Jesus! My Lord! The fearful trip is done...
Our vessel's weathered every test; because of you we've won!
Now Heaven's near, the trump I hear, the angels all atwitter,
Anxiously awaiting to see our eyes on heavens glitter.

But O Name! Name! Name!
The one above all others...
Word of God, Emmanuel,
Producing many brothers.

O Jesus! My Counselor! The Captain of the Host!
A different time, a different place, but still you are the most.
Wherever Chance & Circumstance has blown this soulish ship,
You've been there ever time to help me with the trip.

But O Walk! Walk! Walk!
Knowing wrong from right...
And Talk! Talk! Talk!
A burning coal for light!

O Jesus! My Saviour! There's some we left behind!
Vessels crashed upon the rocks -- no lighthouse in their mind.
They tried to go it all alone, and sang about the "My Way",
Without the knowledge of your Word--the path to Heaven's High Way.

But O Jesus! My healer!
There isn't any greater...
Father, Son, & Holy Ghost,
In a triple play theatre.

O Jesus! My husband! Could you spare five minutes more?
To let me bait a few more hooks before you shut the Door.
I'll make it quick and try to pick the ones who'll follow through...
Believing in the Ark you sent, and signing on as crew.

But O Love! Love! Love!
Surname for a maiden's prayer,
Who leaves her father's residence, in search of Heaven's fare.
With Him she'll share a brand new life, and learn to be a fruitful wife..
No more desire for raising Cain, 'Cause her Lord is coming back again!!


"Go take a walk" is what we say,
to those we wish would go away..
We'd recommend a longer stroll
if they'd just keep on going..
And if the pier's a short one,
They could very soon be flowing!

The Scripture walk that's talked
about from Enoch to the end,
Means following His commandments
and making Him your friend.
Walking with your hand in His
by learning all he's written,
Then standing up and going forth
but never, ever, sittin'!

Jacob's Walk was different after
wrestling The Man..
It takes that kind of wrestling
if you want to understand.
You don't know what Trouble is
until your walk gets sleazy.
Jacob's Trouble was travailing
cause birthing isn't easy..

We can walk like Jacob walked,
Raising the New Name high.. (Israel)
We can walk like Enoch walked,
So then we'll never die!

Isaiah did it barefoot, but we
must wear the shoes..
The learning of The Word is
something not to be refused!

Peter's walk sure pleased the Lord..
(He didn't just fall overboard..)
Walk in wisdom and in the light
That's the way to "Walk in White"

There's more to this than meets
the eye, but in case you're walking South,
The Scripture teaches this besides:
Don't walk with foot in mouth!

After Jacob had wrestled the angel, Gen32, scripture tells us his thigh was 'touched', and it's likely that his "walk" was altered at that time. If you're going to talk-the-talk, it's important to also walk-the-walk. (Obedience to The Word). #foot-wash?


"T" is for the thief that steals and kills,   Jn10:10

"O" is for the oppression that he brings,   Acts 10:38

"A" is for the accuser of the brethren, and   Rev12:10

"D" is for the devil who wars against kings.   1Chr21:1

. . . . .

Put them all together; they spell SATAN,
a wicked toad who's headed straight for Hell...
He's a spirit that enters everyone
to persuade them their soul to sell.

The more you buy his lies, the more you'll become like him..
He'll tell you that you know it all, and that everyone else is in sin.
He'll use your voice to say it, and he'll use your friends as well,
So you'd better learn the Truth real soon--before you learn of hell.

The "Accuser of the Brethren" serves Satan with his mouth and mind,
His ministry points the finger at others, and he's sure to receive in kind.
Instead of serving up the bread, he stirs up strife and dissension..
What he sows is hate and distrust, and he'll reap a ton of contention.

There's other spirits here as well; part of his motley crew..
and if you aren't so careful, they'll come home to live with you!
Don't eat that unclean spirit food -- that literary trash..
The Bread-of-God is what you need, so the devil you can thrash.

That old serpent was in the garden, to cast doubt on the Word of God,
He feeds on lies and fear and hate, and makes wickedness his Rod.
In a way, he's a lot like you and me -- he has only limited power,
and only a short time to do his thing before the final hour!

The precious time we have here on earth, isn't worthy to be compared,
To the glory of the life to come, that the Lord has for us prepared.
There'll be happiness then, and also great joy, for those with a good report,
But those who follow the WICKED TOAD will see it as a spectator sport!

If this subject appeals to you, I recommend "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)


Lunar Spooner

Ruggedly handsome and debonair, smiling at his lady fair,
The buccaneer up in the sky, sails across every bye and bye.
Harvest moon showing good profile, binoculars will assist..
an optical illusion showing how she's just been kissed!

He's in the Eastern hemisphere, from 2 to 6 o'clock,
Looking northward, to his right, garbed in pirate stock.
With a haircut like King Arthur, and a twinkle in his eye,
He and she together fly arm-in-arm across the sky.

When you see it waxing full, on any starry night,
Look closely for the lunar lovers of romantic light.
The lady has her back to us, looking in his eyes,
It could be he's the Bridegroom: a heavenly surmise!

Fertile Soil 1Pet1:23

The Seed has been broadcast and published as well..
The Word that redeems from a fiery hell.
From the earth that will grow whatever is planted,
Like Jack & the Bean stalk, this Seed is enchanted!

Some of it never was watered or weeded..
A lot of it landed where it never was heeded.
Some of it went into absentee minds,
and some where cerebral fences do bind. Nevertheless some good soil was confronted,
Angels made sure the growth wasn't stunted.

Now the Seed has produced the Children of God,
Sisters and brothers all led by the Rod..
This Rod is special, a gestation now bloomed
Grim Reaper's soon coming to get all the doomed!

To bloom in the midst of all of the dung
Is just the Lord's plan to raise up His young.
The same way we plant all the flowers & trees..
Commences as soon as you're down on your knees!

Elisha was PLOWING when Elijah first met him, and after that, Elisha 'burned his bridges' and stuck with Elijah like gravy on biscuit.. amen?

Letting Go

Living life to the full on the slippery bank,
Excitement and danger like a tiger in the tank!
The adrenalin full flowing, the wind in your face,
Try anything once, and don't let up the pace..
On a gut wrenching high, always out on the town,
But knowing for sure what goes up must come down.

When your candle of yearning is lit at both ends
and you earnestly struggle at making amends..
To regain control of your life and your fate
To vomit forever what looked good on the plate.
You find out the monkey for sure isn't frail,
And the part of the tiger you have is the tail!

Figures of speech and poetic expression have a way of becoming part of the language. It was the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950) who wrote "My candle burns at both ends" in her book "A Few Figs from Thistles".

The Love Boat

The Ark was a long time preparing, and only 8 souls were aboard...
Noah had built it of gopher wood, as instructed by the Lord.
He preached back then of righteousness, warning them into the Ark,
They closed their eyes and tuned him out; the light they had was all dark!

The 2nd Ark was quite a bit different, though it traveled on the water too,
It carried a newborn babe named Moses, with a message from God to the Jew..
That frail little boat carried just one, to a people foreign to him..
So he grew up in Egypt; from there he led out his own kin.

It was Moses himself who had the 3rd Ark built, according to specifications..
It signified the presence of Almighty God to all of those heathen nations.
He had it overlaid with gold, and they kept it in the Holiest place,
They had a long, long walk to the water; and it was God who set the pace.
They hurried to keep up with the cloud, and at night they followed the fire,
They carried the boat on their shoulders, so they really must have perspired!

Well...They finally arrived at the Jordan River, carrying that Golden Boat,
They must have wondered if all that gold would make it too heavy to float.
Imagine their consternation!...just as the feet of the priests got wet..
The waters rolled back in a heap, and they had to carry it further yet!

That Ark never took to the water, though they carried it all over the land..
but it won for them many a battle, when their enemies recognized God's hand.
It never did carry flesh and bone, but 3 items were carried inside...
The Tablets, the Manna, and the Rod that budded, all went along for the ride!

God in 3 persons were all in the Ark, with the angels looking down from above,
The gold wrapper protected the contents--it carried a boatful of love!
I can't help thinking "Rub a dub dub", that rhyme I learned as a babe...
Who says the things you teach a child won't help him later to be saved?

Did you ever have a day when nothing went right?
When you wondered what else could go wrong?

I wonder if those Priests felt that way, as they carried the Boat along..
It wasn't funny to them, I'm sure, but I couldn't help but laugh --
When Moses was in charge of things, he made them drink the golden calf!

Our new-Ark rides on Living Water, and it's going to take to the air...
and you don't need a ticket, because Jesus paid the fare.
The Ark is loading now at the dock; we're going in by two's..
So grab your brother by the hand, and tell him all about the Good News!

If you're EVER going to comprehend the Living Water, you'll have to get your feet wet! Dive in, and pretty soon you'll be "rightly dividing" the Word of God!


Burning bridges is not my way

but since I got your note today

I'm firing one last parting shot

Before adjourning to Camelot...

No need to answer or return.

Just file 13 and let 'er burn.

Some food's a blessing to the craw, but

Can any good thing come from Arkansas?

Thanks for calling me "New Writer"

(at my age that's a treat)

And when the Old have passed away

You may return my greet.

(One reader was offended at this apparent slap at Arkansas, but the expression is a precept from John1:46....Nathanael asked, referring to Jesus, "Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?")

Based on the book "Ducks in a Row", White Stone Publishing '95, by R.Lester Smith, LibCongress control no. 96164223

These pages have been built using Corel WordPerfect (5.1 - 7) and many of the images are from an early DrawPerfect program. Other images (clipart) and animations have been garnered from various sources, but primarily from:  
Big Nose Bird, The Squirrel's Nest, and The GIF Animation Site.

Copyright © 2000 Prince of Peace Ministries, Inc. Permission is granted to freely copy these poems or unmodified Bible teachings in electronic form or in print. Freely I am giving, so freely pass it on!

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