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Before the time of Arabic numbers, the letters of alphabets were assigned numerical value: A for 1, B for 2, etc. and some scholars have noted how this pattern applies somewhat to the Biblical text which often uses acrostics. Numbers follow a consistent pattern throughout Scripture, and this argues for the authorship of just one (1) Holy Ghostwriter, instead of a hodgepodge of myths or fairy tales.

REMEMBER? The 7 years Jacob served for Rachel?

The 7 more years after that, because of the switch on his wedding night?

The 7 years of Good Harvest, followed by 7 years of famine?

The dreams of the Pharaoh about the seven (7) cows who ate seven (7) cows?

And his 2nd dream about the 7 ears of corn? Do you remember?

Seven Couples of the Old Testament

1. Adam & Eve

2. Abraham & Sarah

3. Isaac & Rebekah

4. Jacob & Leah

5. Judah & Tamar

6. Boaz & Ruth

7. David & Bathsheba

I.   - 7 days alert for Noah, Gen7:4
II   - 7 days for the dove, Gen8:10
III   - 7 ewe lambs of Abraham, Gen21:28
IV   - 7 days of eating unleavened bread, Ex23:15
V   - 7 lamps (menorah) for the tabernacle, Ex37:23
VI   - 7 days of dwelling in booths, Lev23:42
VII   - 7 locks of hair on Samson's head, Judg 16:13

1.   - 7 daughters of Jethro in Exodus 2:16
2.   - 7 sprinkles of blood in Leviticus 4:6
3.   - 7 lamps in Numbers 8:2
4.   - 7 nations of Deuteronomy 7:1
5.   - 7 priests w 7 trumpets on the 7th day in Joshua 6:4
6.   - 7 day feast for Samson in Judges 14:12
7.   - 7 sons not worth a daughter like her: Ruth 4:15

In Matthew itís the SEVEN loaves: 15:34
In Mark itís the Sadducee story of the SEVEN brothers: 12:20
In Luke itís the SEVEN devils of Mary Magdalene: 8:2
In Acts it's the SEVEN sons of the Priest Sceva: 19:14

These aren’t the only “sevens” in Scripture. One of my favorites is when Naaman was cleansed after he dipped seven times in the Jordan. 2K5:14. Have YOU immersed yourself in the Living Water of The Word?

The seven sneezes in 2K4:35 reminds me of how it is written 'If you don't know about the things of this world, how will you be able to understand about spiritual things? John3:12. We are the salt of the Earth, and it's the pepper which causes sneezing -- like when Jacob's family went down into Egypt for 400 years until "the iniquity of the Amorites" had peaked. Gen15:16.
Now, to the "peppercorn's" of today (read: opposite of salt), I'm inclined to say 'bring it on' concerning the wickedness that surrounds us daily, because I see it bringing us closer to our Exodus to Heaven, and the time when all the earthly pain and suffering and ignorance will come to a close.

As a boy, surfing in Belmont Shore, Calif. we noticed that about every 7th wave was larger or stronger than others, and whenever such a wave came along, we'd term it "a 7th wave". Not technically correct, but we and Papillon all understood the saying.

Have you multiplied by seven? The sevens reach a crescendo in the Book of Revelation! Maybe the Author is insisting that we recognize how the number seven (7) isn’t simply what comes after six (6), but may have a figurative or ‘spiritual’ meaning as well. Since a thousand years are as a day with the Lord, consider how the “7" year dreams of Genesis could well be speaking prophetically and symbolically of the 2,000 year periods of the Old and the New Covenants.

The Revelation Sevens

The seven churches and seven spirits: 1:4 - seven golden candlesticks: 1:12 - seven stars: 1:16 - seven angels: 1:20 - seven lamps: 4:5 - seven seals: 5:5 - seven horns and seven eyes: 5:6 - seven trumpets: 8:2 - seven thunders: 10:3 - seven heads and seven crowns: 12:3 - seven plagues: 15:1 - seven golden vials: 15:7 - seven mountains: 17:9 - seven kings: 17:10

*Gematria numbers are somewhat about the factoring of original Bible Text. The letters of their alphabet had a numerical value not seen by a casual observer. For example, the first 7 words of Genesis 1:1 = 2701, and that number factors into prime numbers 37x73 -- mirrored numbers of left-to-right (and vice versus) seen in the reading style of the two main languages of the Bible.

More about 37/73

Not until we arrived at the little book of Jude did we learn how a man named Enoch, seventh (7th) from Adam, preached and prophesied about the coming of the Lord. Jude 14. It's another case where we learn something from the New Testament concerning an event in the Old Testament that we hadn't known before!


Means: 'the Lord will add a son'

Soooo, we hadn't asked or thought it important, but learn from this that Enoch was the 7th generation: Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, and Enoch. And, what the Scripture DIDN'T spell out was that this Enoch was the second, or Enoch II. The first copy-cat name in scripture. The first Enoch, we recall, was the son of Cain and would be the 3rd generation.   The father-to-son progression for the drowned dynasty of Cain went:   Adam / Cain / Enoch / Irad / Mehujael / Methusael / Lamech, according to Genesis 4:18.

Counting the Josephs reveals a connection between the Joseph in Egypt and the Joseph in Matthew, because they each had a father named Jacob, and there are only two Jacob's found in the Bible. (Jacob means 'supplanter' - Gen27:36)

Is God allowed to round off numbers? When the Word tells us about the 700 lefthanded men in the Tribe of Benjamin, or the 700 wives of Solomon, could the exact number be plus or minus? Maybe 678 lefthanded and 713 wives?

. ... ..... ....... .........

Crunching the Numbers of Scripture.
  The subject of gematria (or 'theomatics' or 'Bible Code') and the study of numbers of scripture has been covered in part by authors Ivan Panin, E.W.Bullinger, John J. Davis, Michael Drosnin and others, but this website focuses more on the larger numbers 33, 66, 40, and 70 (3-score+ten).

Scripture lays the groundwork for world-wide recognition of numerical landmarks--not simply calendar events, but an integral part of many subjects.

One(1) is unity or entity. One God, but 3 parts. Jesus said "I and my Father are one" John10:30 -- "The people is one" Gen11:6 -- "The LORD our God is one LORD" Deut6:4

Two(2) - Analogy, heaven/hell, Reciprocals - and "by 2 it's established", Gen41:32

Three(3) - Complete - as in Spirit, Soul, and Body, 1Thes5:23; Way*Truth*Life
faith, hope, and charity. 1Cor13:13, or the 3-fold string that isn't easily broken. Others are triangle, egg, David's 3 choices, and 3rd heaven of 2Cor12:2

Four(4) - Seasons, Gospels, winds, corners, horses, beasts - Judah was #4 - See generations - Important: think of four as 22 or "two-twice" !! 4 days of Lazarus, 4th generation of Gen15:16 - 4 ltr (YHWH) tetragrammaton

Five(5) - Wise virgins, damsels of Abigail, hidden kings, 5 Crosses at Calvary, 5 books in the Bible with just 5 chapters.

Book of LamentationsThe human HAND compares to the Book of Lamentations and its acrostic design, with the thumb as chapt. five! The middle finger would be the triple acrostic of 66 verses.

5 senses: See,hear,smell,taste,touch,

Six(6) - Man's number(Rev13:18), Goliath, Armor, x3=making himself to be God
Honeycomb, snowflake, hexagon, Sides to a cube, carbon atom(666)

Six for Honeycomb, too

Seven (7) Total, time-period - Day,Week,Year,Century,Era - Rev9:15

x10=70 yrs. to Babylon

The 7 years of Rachel and of Leah was symbolically speaking of the 2,000 yrs of the Old and New Covenants, as was the 7 yrs of collecting the bread and the 7 yrs of feeding on it.

Eight(8) - A new day! / A new week! + plus the Octostrophic (x8) of Psalm 119, and noting how 82 is number of books between the Bookends of Genesis and Revelation.

Nine(9) - Fruit, Gal 5:22 - Spiritual gifts , 1Cor12 - Blessings, Mt 4:3-11

Ten(10) - Caveat: Gen18:32, Rev2:10 - ten virgins of Mt25,

ten lepers of Lk17:12, ten days of Dan1:12, ten righteous of Gen18:32, ten 'perfect' generations of Noah, Gen6:9 -- ['ten' is the suffix of 3-score and 10 -- a 'ten' which follows...] - 10 days from Trumpets to Yom Kippur(DOA) -   Dan2:41'toes'/Ten horns - Rev17:2

Eleven (11) the 5th prime number (after 2,3,5,7) half acrostic: 11..22..33..66 etc. *22/2* The Lunar calendar 11 days short of Solar calendar.

Twelve(12) The number "12" fits a pattern of entirety: tribes, zodiac(Heb.mazzaroth)
clock: 24 too, but Jesus asked "Are there not 12 hours in the day?" Jn11:9
12 stones(Josh4:8), 12 apostles, 12 moons(months), 12 gates(Rev21:21) -- The first number to have four factors: 3x4 and 6x2.

Thirteen - Jesus and His twelve. A superstitious number in modern times.

Fifteen - Songs of Degrees (Hezekiah's 15) - 'fifteen' used by 15 books of the Bible.

Seventeen - The 7th Prime - occurs twice in Genesis, but once only in 7 other books of the OT, and none in NT.

Nineteen - 19 Generations prior to Abraham, and 19 kings in the dynasty of David, and 19+14=33 takes us to David#33. The second round of 33 gets us to Jesus#66 !

Twenty - A "SCORE" (differs from musical type..) This is Abraham's generation -- threescore = 60 -- and see Lk24:13, Ps90:10

Twenty-two. Jacob's generation; the number of pairs of chromosomes in the human body; plus the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Ps145, for instance, has only 21 verses, but it's an acrostic psalm with each verse beginning with a successive letter of their alphabet. The translators missed a letter in verse 13 or it would have had the correct 22 verses.

The Book of Lamentations is acrostic (except chapt. 5) and chapt. 3 is a TRIPLE ACROSTIC, like the number of books in the Bible.   The '22 degree halo' not often associated with Scripture..

24 and 26 may pertain to the numbers in the Greek and English alphabets: Alpha to Omega in the Greek and A-Z in English. For example, the English double-acrostic would be 52 (like a whole deck of cards).

THIRTY - This was the generation of Boaz, and the number of the pieces of silver Judas was awarded for betraying Jesus. Four of our MONTHS have exactly 30 days: Sept - April - June - November.

Thirty-three(33) - David's Number & Generation & Mighty-men,
and reign in Jerusalem(2Sam3:5, 1K2:11). 33 vertebrae in spinal column.

Forty(40) - Era's of Moses, of Israel's first 3 kings, Two-score

42 (14x3) - Generations of Mt1:17; children 'torn' by two she-bears(2K2:24); 42K died when couldn't pronounce shibboleth, Judg12:6. Also 2K10:14, Rev11:2, 13:5

44 - Twice (or double) twenty-two, and Obama is U.S. President #44.

-"46" points to Psalm 46 (Shakespeare psalm) Count 46 words from beginning to arrive at 'shake', and 46 words from ending to arrive at 'spear'. haha, but it's true!

50 - Jubilee yrs; also Days from Firstfruits to Pentecost, 7x7 plus one day - Scholars will pooh-pooh any significance to the 50 chapters of Genesis or the 22 chapters of Revelation, but it seems more than coincidence how those numbers seem to fit the 50 yrs. of Jubilee or the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

52 - whole deck of cards (4x13), plus the English Double-Acrostic (26x2), and the generation of Assir#52 which follows the David#33 generation by 19. 5 loaves, 2 fishes, Also, King Uzziah reign.

"63" - Sixty-three (63) Perhaps the most astounding number in scripture; it's the product of 7 and 9, the generations of Enoch II and Lamech II , fulfilled in Jacob II, father of Joseph, the father of Mary, mother of Jesus. The name Jacob means supplanter: 'to take the place of', and not 'deceiver' as is generally taught. Gen27:36 refers.

Sixty-six(66) - Jesus' Number & Generation, and books of the Bible; also 3x22.
Isaiah chapters, Gen46:26, Lev12:5, Lamentations acrostic. Once you know that 33 and 66 are the numbers for David and Jesus, they have special significance, and the only places in Scripture where they appear TOGETHER is in Gen46 and Lev12. The "THREESCORE" of the 3 dispensations is the sixty (60), and also the "6 DAYS" of the TIMELINE.

Seventy(70) - In the Old Testament it was SEVENTY souls, Ex1:5, who went down into Egypt, and it was SEVENTY elders, Numb 11:16, who assisted Moses in the task of ministering to the people. Compare this to the SEVENTY men in the New Testament which Jesus "sent out", Luke10, to perform these apostle duties. - 70 Years of exile to Babylon - Adam died age 930 (70 yrs. short of the 2nd millennium) - Threescore and ten = 20,20,20+10 = 3½ = 42mos = ~1260 days - Septuagint

120 - 3x40 = the life of Moses, "days of Man"(Gen6:3) - 120 disciples in Acts 1:15 -
120 deg.=1/3 circle - 120 million miles for Atlantis! (5/26/2010)

150 - 3x50 = number of Psalms, triple Jubilee

Carbon atom - 666 153 - From John21:11 (many fish) - cube each number (digit) individually for a sum of 153! Also the sum of numbers 1-17.

500 - Noah's 'longest generation' - 500 years

666 - Number or mark of the Beast. "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six". Rev13:18 -- 6=sinful man, 66=redeemer Jesus, 666=man making himself to be God.

666 talents of gold was awarded Solomon in 1K10:14.

777 - Age of the second Lamech (son of Methuselah) who died 5 yrs. before the Deluge. Gen5:31. His 'early death' suggestive of the Rapture preceeding the Wrath of God.

1053 - product of 39 and 27 (like Books of Bible), as well as 13 and 81 (4th pwr of 3).

Deck of Cards

Not counting Jokers, a full deck is 52 cards, like the reign of Uzziah, King of Judah, was 52 years, and about the 52 weeks in a year.. (4Kings:Dan7:17)

Four suits of 13, from Ace to King, like Jesus and his twelve, and like the four Gospels.

Fifty-two; like the chapters in Jeremiah and like the generations of Jesus prior to the carrying away to Babylon. (Assir is Gen#52).

David's Three(3) Choices

The LORD spake unto Moses, saying, "When thou takest the sum of the children of Israel after their number, then shall they give every man a ransom for his soul unto the LORD, when thou numberest them; that there be no plague among them, when thou numberest them. Ex30:12
But it was Satan who provoked David to "Number Israel", 1Chr21:1, and for this sin (?), he was given three(3) choices:

1.   3 years of famine, or
2.   3 months being defeated by your enemies, or
3.   3 days of The Sword of the Lord.

When David heard this, he said "I am in great distress".   Doesn't sound like a tough choice to me -- who wouldn't easily accept the 3 DAYS, except maybe someone who thought about a Day being a thousand years to Him!

There's a problem though: back in 2Sam24:13 the 3 choices were somewhat different -- it was seven(7) years instead of (3), and the Sword of the Lord was pestilence, and that initial account didn't mention Satan.
Could "3" possibly be the same as "7"? When a thousand years are as a day (2Pet3:8) then the "Third Day" (since Jesus spoke it..) is the same as the 7th Day when you begin the count with the first Adam. Keep reading and praying, and the Lord will help you to understand these things; he'll drop some "bread" special for YOU!

"..for whatsoever is not of faith is sin". Rom14:23.

NUMBERS as literature?
Not everyone pays that much attention to numbers, and even when they do they're apt to overlook some subtle number clues like in why the Bible ends with verse number 22:21 in the Book of Revelation. They add up to seven (7) and MAY (repeat MAY), remind us of how Noah's Flood happened in the year 1656 ('666' when the numbers are added). To others the number 666 puts us in mind of the 777 in Genesis and how Lamech died five years prior to the Flood -- maybe a clue about the Rapture?

How's your arithmetic? The 39 OT plus the 27 NT equals 66, the number of books in the Bible, and features a: 3, 3-squared, and 3-cubed alignment. MULTIPLYING the 39 x 27 = 1053, which factors into 13 x 81, [ 3 to the 4th power! ]. A numeric feature often overlooked or pooh-poohed by Bible teachers.

Enoch had a son named Methuselah, the longest living man in the Bible, and he in turn had a son named Lamech. It's intriguing and curious because this Lamech, like Enoch, was the second person to have this same name. The first Lamech was in the line of Cain, and would likely have been contemporary with Enoch#2.   The situation begs the question: Why would anyone choose to copy the name of a murderer or the son of a murderer?

Cain's Line

Adam - #1
Cain - #2
Enoch - #3   (1st)
Irad - #4
Mehujael - #5
Methusael - #6
Lamech - #7   (1st)   >

A confessed killer, Lamech was first to have two wives.
His generation matches that of Enoch2

Christ's Line

Adam - #1
Seth - #2
Enos - #3
Cainan - #4
Mahalaleel - #5
Jared - #6
< Enoch - #7   (2nd)

Methuselah - #8
Lamech - #9   (2nd)
Noah - # 10

Just these two in the generations leading to Noah! Though many names appear similar, ONLY these two (Enoch & Lamech) are exactly alike.

Enoch and Lamech are names used twice in these early generations -- but then, in the line leading to Christ, only the name of Jacob gets repeated. The first Jacob (son of Isaac, son of Abraham) is #22, and the second Jacob is found again as the #63 great-grandfather of Jesus!

Could this be coincidence?

Amazingly, Jesus is #66 from Adam!
Just like the number of books in the Bible!

Enoch II (7thGen) times Lamech II (9thGen) works out to Jacob II (63rdGen). Fantastic!

A numerical cryptogram: 7 * 9 = 63

It would be, even if it didn't involve these unique and enigmatic "second" names!
Jacob, the 22nd and 63rd generation from Adam is the only name in the pedigree (Line of Christ) which occurs twice! Every name except that of Jacob (means 'supplanter') is singular and unique!   Abraham is #20 and Boaz is #30 and David is #33.   Keep counting through Solomon #34 and Hezekiah #46 and eventually you get to Jacob #63 and Joseph #64 and Mary #65 and Jesus #66. Just like the number of books in the Bible because Jesus really is the Word and Son and Seed of God!

Click here to see a listing of all 66 names.

So it's true: God is a "husband", Isa54:5, and the seven (7) years that Jacob served for Rachel is figuratively (or spiritually) speaking of those years of the Old Covenant for the Jews under the Law.   Since Calvary we've been in the years of Leah: the unloved but fruitful wife.

TWICE TRUE, because the seven (7) years of Good Harvest was speaking of putting the True Bread into the Bible, and the seven (7) years of famine speaks of how we would be eating this Bread of God in the 2,000 years of the Times of the Gentiles. Isn't this bread delicious!

God of Truth
    This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth, but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written... Josh 1:8.

More details?

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